Alaska is “Hot” these days…

    One of the great results of the growing popularity of “Deadliest Catch”, is that it casts a huge spotlight on related topics such as the crab fisheries, the Bering sea fishermen’s plight, the seafood industry, etc….  And it causes ardent fans like me to want to learn more about all these most interesting “Deadliest Catch” connections.

Two of the biggest connections to the show are the Bering sea and the state of Alaska.  They’re pretty much the leading characters of the series, aren’t they?  What I mean is the fishermen are featured and we love them, but the rugged environment is the exotic constant that we see all the time therefore, Alaska is totally HOT these days…

Well Discovery must think so as well because starting April 20th, they’re kicking off “ALASKA WEEK”  and you may not want to miss it!  Besides a long list of shows, the Discovery website also has an Alaskan game that fans can play, an Alaska blog, and a lucky viewer will actually win a trip to Alaska!

Check out some of the shows lined up:

Alaska Experiment

Could you survive in the awesome Alaskan wilderness? Are you tough enough to take on a freezing, brutal environment where your next meal has to be hunted down, killed and then butchered by hand? A dramatic and visceral new documentary series — The Alaska Experiment — pits man against nature in an epic struggle. Immersive and powerful, it’s the ultimate survival and wild food guide. With stunning aerial photography and sweeping panoramas, The Alaska Experiment captures the full, dangerous beauty of America’s last frontier.
Meet the Participants

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch returns to take viewers deep into the Bering Sea with eight crab-fishing boats and their crews through the two toughest fishing seasons in the world as they hunt for red king crab and opilio crab.
Visit Deadliest Catch

Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe heads to Alaska to see what kind of Dirty Job he can dig up.
Visit Dirty Jobs

Expedition Alaska

Four billion acres of wilderness. A team of renowned scientists, naturalists and wildlife filmmakers. The mission: assess the impact of global warming on Alaska, America’s last great frontier, before it’s too late. Expedition Alaska follows the team as they go in search of the state’s most extraordinary wildlife. They track and film some of the world’s most stunning animals in one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth –- the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Meet the Scientists


FutureWeapons goes to the most intense battlefield on the planet – Alaska, where Mack tests one of the world’s best sniper rifles for cold weather warfare. It’s designed to work at minus 40 degrees F, a temperature at which most weapons would literally freeze. Mack also tests the newest Stryker armored vehicle and fires its newest weapon, a 105mm canon. Then Mack sees how the latest smoke generators that make you invisible. Not only does it stop the enemy from seeing you with their eyes, it also hides heat and radar signatures.
Visit FutureWeapons

MythBusters: Alaska

For Alaska Week,our fair-weather team gears up for some northern exposure. The MythBusters pack up their sleds, snowshoes and gold pans and head north to test some Alaskan anecdotes. Is it a case of frigidity, or can the myths withstand the freeze?
Visit MythBusters

Oil, Sweat and Rigs: Remote

Twenty hours of darkness a day … 80-mile-an-hour blizzards … temperatures more than 100 degrees below zero — this is the North Slope of Alaska. Deep within the Arctic Circle is one of the most extreme environments on the planet. With the quest for oil pushing men and machines to ever greater extremes, the remote regions of the North Slope have become the target for a daring, new exploratory drilling mission. It’s a mission that’s going to push one team of drillers to the very limits of human endurance.

Surviving Alaska with Les Stroud

With one of the most extreme climates on Earth and certainly the most deadly in the U.S., dangers loom at every step in the Alaskan winter –- avalanches, thin ice, blizzards, hypothermia and starvation, to name a few. So how is it that people have been living here for longer than anyplace else in America? And more importantly, what can be learned from their survival methods that just may save your life, no matter where you are? Survivorman host Les Stroud will put his survival skills to the test as he embarks on a quest to answer these questions.
Visit Survivorman

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3 Responses to Alaska is “Hot” these days…

  1. *swoons* I am SO heading for that win an Alaskan trip link.
    This is AWESOME!!!!

  2. Dennis Wise says:

    Check out Alaska Experiment. I was a participant. It was just as real as Deadliest Catch. It has a very similar format where it switches between groups and reports how and what they are doing. The dangers were real and dangerous. If you love Deadliest Catch I think you will enjoy Alaska Experiment.

  3. opilia says:

    Hey Dennis! Thanks for posting and nice pic by the way

    We’ll be watching you during Alaska Week!

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