More on “Deadliest Catch” season 4, from Discovery…

 Discovery’s latest post on their “Inside the Catch” blog, introduces us to yet another new skipper for season 4 of “Deadliest Catch”!  The fishing boat is a familiar one, but the skipper is new for us fans.  It’s all about the F/V Early Dawn.  Remember our introduction to her and the crew in season 3:

 Fishing Vessel:  EARLY DAWN
Capt. Allen Oakley, an intense and focused man, has served on the Early Dawn for the majority of his 21-year career, and has skippered the boat for 15 of those years. Allen saw the Early Dawn for the first time when he took a summer off from college to become a fisherman and knew that “Someday, I had to get on that boat.” Little did he know that serving as a deckhand on the Early Dawn would lead to his partial ownership, as well as command, of the craft. Allen, who resides in Blaine, Wash., also owns partial shares in three other fishing boats.

Accompanying Capt. Allen as a greenhorn is the co-owner’s son, Bryan Mezich. Standing 6’6″ tall, Bryan certainly has the size to become a skilled hand, and he postponed his college career to try the family business. Bryan will be mentored by 20-year veteran Pat Quinn, who has worked the past five years for Allen. Rounding out the crew are Engineer Mike Fish and Deck Boss Rick Fehs.

Unfortunately we never got to see much of the Early Dawn crew last season, but this year sounds like it may be a different story.  Skipper and co-owner Allen Oakley is stepping aside this season and his deckboss Rick Fehs is skippering the F/V Early Dawn.

According to Discovery, “He’ll be full time this year. Fehst loves to fish and would spend 12 months of the year fishing if he could. He knows this crew well, and he’ll be working them to their full potential to reach their 325,000-pot quota. ”

In other news from Inside the Catch, shooting and interviewing came to a dead stop in Dutch Harbor one day when Captain Keith Colburn’s most favorite hat blew off his head and ended up in those cold dark waters of the Bering sea that we’ve come to love so much.  Being as superstitious a skipper as the next one, Capt. Keith made sure to get a hook to retrieve the hat so that things could get back on track.

Just a few more weeks til season 4, everyone…


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  1. jacksonmaki says:

    What month do season 4 starting on of deadliest catch

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