New “Deadliest Catch” goodies, some available now and some on the horizon

With the debut of “Deadliest Catch” season 4 slowly sneaking up on us, we can probably count on having new “Deadliest Catch” merchandise available for us die hard fans.  I know that the Time Bandit Website is expecting new items soon and Helly Hansen–gear sponsor for the Northwestern crew–just recently posted a few new things.  Haven’t heard anything from the Wizard, Cornelia Marie, North American websites yet, but we’re still pre-season and crews are still fishing.  Perhaps soon we’ll hear from them as well.

Would you like to be able to toast the F/V Northwestern & crew with a cold beer, or a shot of your favorite liquer, or perhaps drink a cup of coffee with a “proper” Northwestern mug?  If so, check out the new items available from Helly Hansen.  From what I’ve learned, they ship very quickly and package their items with top of the line Helly Hansen lining…Check the the HH website for all the details.  And remember, there will be other new deadly, fashionable goodies coming from other sites soon!

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5 Responses to New “Deadliest Catch” goodies, some available now and some on the horizon

  1. Jen says:

    Oooooo look at the pretty shot glasses!!!! *happy sigh*

  2. jay says:

    Thanks for mentioning us ! I am the global online supplier for HH and Sig’s crew. New products getting developed all the time. Can’t wait for the season the start.

    keep up the great communications !

  3. Bambi says:

    Ok, so Sig and Edgar are on Carson Daily’s show right now, and apparently they said something about Deadliset Catch Brand coffee (my husband called me about it, I LOVE coffee, and Deadliest catch) but I cant find anything on search. Anyone else know what Im talking about?

  4. opilia says:

    Heard about it Bambi but dont have any details as of yet. I’ll sure post about it as soon as I find out.

  5. Kris says:

    Life long dream…want to salmon fish for 2 weeks in Alaska..can’t afford the whole “dream” but would be willing to “trade” working, cooking, anything on one of the ships for their help in hooking me up with a way to make this work….Am a female, 56, have a fierce desire
    to meet any and all of the “Rock Stars of Dutch Harbor”
    Come on guys…hook me up!!!
    Cheers & Thanks…

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