Opilio Season 2008 Update

KIAL News out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska reports on the booming Opilio crab season & fishing that’s currently taking place in the Bering sea…

Per Charles Homans, the sea ice has encroached to the Pribilof islands but so far, doesn’t appear to have slowed down the fishing.  So far 28 million pounds of Opilio have been offloaded to processors out of 56 million total allowable catch.  Pots have been averaging 300 or more Opilio per pot and another industry source also reports that many fishing crews have pulled entire strings  filled with 400-500 Opilio per pot!

Sounds like although a dozen fishing vessels or so have finished up for the season already, most crews will most likely fish well in to March and even April.

This current update is also available to listen to:

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8 Responses to Opilio Season 2008 Update

  1. Jen says:

    AWESOME STUFF!!! As always, Opilia.

  2. opilia says:

    Thank, Jen. I actually have a lot to post, just need to catch up and sit down and do it!

  3. We have literally been checking the web to find out when the new season Deadliest Catch will start. We are HUGE fans. Neve miss an episode. It is the best show ever.

    There is such a long break between the end of crab fishing until the new season starts. For us its like Christmas Morning……YES we are that “hooked” on this incredible show.

    Please tell us when the new season for 2008 start. We cant stand the wait !!

    You do such a great job, as does the crew of the ships, and camera crews.


    Sincerely (and trying to wait patiently)
    Eriel CO

  4. Donna says:

    We would love to know when the next season is going to start. Please let us know.

    Thanks so much

  5. christopher billsborrow says:

    i want to fish the bering sea iam 29 and a hard worker and i would love to prove it to you

  6. Merylou says:

    I’m with The Olsons, i really love the show. It’s addictive! I can’t wait to see the new season show.

  7. i am going to ach.in dec.probully going on procceser and catcher but i have been wanting to to just be on a catcher if anybody out there knows someone that needs a good worker tell them to e-mail me plz.winklerlouis@yahoo.com

  8. TJN says:

    “Deadliest Catch” is incredible. These fisherman are very compelling to watch and the production values mean that the cameramen need to be as tough as the guys they film. Very few original shows are on television but this show is one of them. All the best to the guys for the coming season.

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