Updates on the F/V Time Bandit and F/V Northwestern crews

The Time Bandite website reports that the Hillstrands & crew caught and delivered their entire harvest of Opilio crab for the 2008 season.  They are headed to Homer, Alaska for a short stop, and eventually sailing down to the lower 48 for a one month stop in Seattle, Washington where the Time Bandit will receive maintenance work.

The Hillstrands will be touring the country this spring when season 4 of “Deadliest Catch” hits the airwaves.  The message states they hope to meet as many fans as possible on their travels and no doubt, there’s many many “Deadliest Catch”/Timebandit fans who’d love to meet Capts. Johnathan, Andy, and Neal Hillstrand as well!  Stay tuned to their store as new merchandise is expected soon.


On the F/V Northwestern front…As of February 13th, the crew had pulled into one of the Pribilof islands–St. Paul, to unload another load of Opilio crab.  They’ve been heavy on the crab which must certainly make Capt. Sig happy however,  with the ice creeping in and several runs to make, the crew is operating in high gear to catch crab and at the same time, save their pots.

On a very happy note,  today is a very special day for Northwestern deckhand Matt Bradley…It’s his one-year anniversary for living a very clean and sober lifestyle, something he’s worked very hard to do.  Fans interested in sending Matt a greeting or show of support by mail are certainly welcome to (We’ve all seen how he loves his fan mail):


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4 Responses to Updates on the F/V Time Bandit and F/V Northwestern crews

  1. Meghan says:

    You also forget about the Wizard because of Feb 17, The Wizard is currently in St. Paul AK, they’ve been catching and offloading crab and still have a bit to catch! We’ve seen how rough the weather’s been this year from the web cams and from those we know that live in the area so let’s keep remembering our crew!

  2. Sally says:

    These are definately my favorite F/Vs and crews from Season 3. Can’t wait for the debut of Scott Hillstrand on the Time Bandit, and the return of Greenhorn Jake on the Northwestern. Love his spirit!

  3. April says:

    Hi to all the deadliest catch crews hope you come back to port in one piece good job Matt Bradley keep it up beeing clean I am so happy for you keep up the wisdom you have and have many more cleanful day from drugs.To the crew of the time bandit I love you guys same with the Northwestern,Cornelia Marie and the Wizard I love you guys too I can not wait intill the Deadliest Catch comes back on air I will be watching it If I am not fishing myself I can always watch it on the boat Right on keep up the great job

  4. Paula says:

    i have been searching eveywhere for Time bandit and northwestern clothes. like jamas and t-shirts, jackets etc…. having a hard time. i love the time bandit and other half likes northwesten we fight evey tuesday to see who comes in with more. dont matter still love jonathan and andy and the crew. please email me with actual websites that have merchandise im looking for
    thank you
    please put time bandit in subject line

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