Blake Painter becomes skipper of his own fishing vessel!

     Blake Painter, who was previously featured on “Deadliest Catch” as deck boss and then later as skipper of the F/V Maverick has been shopping for his own boat now for several months as mentioned previously on Deadliest Reports.  Well he’s found one!  According to his family’s website–the F/V Evening Star–Blake has become the proud owner of the F/V Tradition.

The F/V Tradition is fairly new for a commerical fishing boat.  She was built in 1991, is 58 feet long and made of heavy steel.  Captain Blake will continue his tradition of fishing in Alaska by fishing for cod, halibut, and sablefish in the cold dark waters we’ve all come to know and love!

(photo courtesy of F/V Evening Star website)

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23 Responses to Blake Painter becomes skipper of his own fishing vessel!

  1. jamie says:

    That is so great for Blake!!! Congratutions!

  2. Rudy says:

    Congratulations! Does this mean he won’t be fishing crab any more??

  3. Tamara says:

    Thats awesome

  4. Jen says:

    Yayyyyyyy Blake!!!!

  5. Nat's says:

    Fab news for Blake he worked hard and has got what he deserved!! Well done that man/hunk.

  6. Sarah says:

    Nice!!! Congrats Blake! Best of luck out there.

  7. Shirley says:

    Congratulations, Blake, and best of luck to you on all your future fishing endeavors with your new boat!

  8. Paul says:

    Congrat”z Mr P.
    Hey If ur looking for a new hand on ur new boat you knoiw who to write to. Gimme a shout bud, YOU WOUN’T BE DISAPOINTED Alway’z here to help.

    Good luck and God bless.

  9. Diana says:


    A great fan of yours from the Netherlands!!!

  10. Hollywood says:

    ***All Blake Painter fans***
    I’ve created a BLAKE PAINTER fan site on myspace…
    Hollywood xxxx

  11. opilia says:

    That’s a nice fansite! It’s about time there was something about Blake on myspace

  12. Julie;o) says:

    Greetings from Germany. ;o)

  13. john says:

    That’s too bad. He’s a little whiner and not worthy of being captain of anything.

  14. Penny says:

    Congratulations Blake!! Our family has always watched The Deadliest Catch. When we didn’t see you on this season, I started researching what happened to you, as you are a local. I was stoked that you now have your own boat! You have worked so hard and totally deserve it. Our prayers will be with you and your crew, that you prosper with this new endeveour and are safe. We live in Manzanita, OR. We full well know and understand what the weather can do. The December 07 storm destroyed our home in Bay City. Good luck and best wishes… Penny

  15. gina says:

    Congratulations Blake. U are the best , keep up the good work.I live in Daytona Beach FL.We’re praying for u, .

  16. Joey says:

    Greetings from Gloucester Mass, Home of The Perfect Storm. My name is Joey and I co-own a lobster company.

    You might be interested in my pictures of crab and lobster mutations that have come across our dock. We’ve had half blue lobsters, triple and quadruple clawed crabs, albinos, double clawed lobsters and more. You can check them out here on my blog if you would like-

  17. T.J. says:

    Will u be fishin crab no more?

  18. Gabby says:

    Hey Blake good luck out there and you always have fans here in Harrison twp, Michigan that would love to see you on the show again and cangratulations! And same as T.J. will u be fishing carb?

  19. Rhonda M says:

    Congratulations Blake! Best of Luck to you with all your new fishing adventures aboard the Tradition. Truly sorry things went the way they did for you on DC. You still have tons of amazing fans, and we miss you dearly! Your a great kid Blake, and I say kid because I have kids your age LOL. Keep us posted!!

  20. lance goertzen says:

    nice looking vessel blake good job hard work pays off.
    best of luck out there.

  21. Lindsay says:

    Is Blake married or committed to anyone? Just curious…

  22. Chill Pepper says:


    Every best for you! I think you are so cute, and all my friends thinks that too! Hope we can see you again! keep ypu self at save, or we will! WE LOVE YOU BLAKE! REALLY KEEP SAVE! and every one near you. Best wishes, Chita nad her friends…(We are From Finland, so forgive us our englihgs!!!!!! <3<3<9

  23. Cynicalgirl says:

    Um… okay congrats yeah that is cool that you own your own boat. But… hey I have to ask what type of engine does it have? and how fast does it go? I would look it up but I’m too lazy.

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