Have you purchased the season 3 dvd set?

Available on April 8th will be another version of “Deadliest Catch” season 3.  This box set will have a different cover and will consist of 3 dvds, including “Behind the Scenes”….

    Venture into the dark waters of the Bering Sea with eight crab fishing boats and their crews through the world’s two most difficult and dangerous fishing seasons. Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern returns to match his skills against his old rival, Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, and a new challenger, rookie captain Blake Painter of the Maverick. With rough waters and fierce weather, the captains and their crews will be pushed to their limits of mental and physical endurance in their search for the elusive red king crab and opilio crab. Experience the extraordinary daring, skill and endurance required for this time-honored trade in these 11 episodes, and enjoy bonus behind-the-scenes footage capturing the difficulty of day-to-day filming on the rugged seas.

Image Entertaiment is going to release Deadliest Catch – Season 3 on April 8th. This 3-disc set will run 508 minutes for 11 episodes, in anamorphic widescreen and with English 2.0 Stereo audio. As a bonus, you’ll get a Behind The Scenes featurette. Cost is $29.99 SRP, but you can pre-order from Amazon for $20.99. Here’s the front cover:

Deadliest Catch - Season 3 cover art

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6 Responses to Have you purchased the season 3 dvd set?

  1. Adam says:

    why only 11 episodes?

    season 3 + behind the scenes should = 13 episodes, correct?

  2. Lothian says:

    What jerks! I pre-ordered my season 3 DVD from Discovery and got it when it first came out. I feel like I am being punished for wanting the DVD’s right away. I swear, if the behind the scenes stuff is the After the Catch series I am going to lose it. Sorry to be so negative, but I am really disappointed in this. No way am I paying another $30.00 after spending $50.00 the first time around.

  3. opilia says:

    Lothian, Adam,

    There’s something about this newer version that’s different. It reads as having 508 viewing minutes and the original box set has 564 minutes. If there’s supposed “Behind the Scenes” on here then I cant figure out why there’s so much time missing. Lothian–you may actually have something extra in your set. I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks for posting, both of you.

  4. Jen says:

    Not yet. We just bought Season One. It’s going to take a little time to get all the sets.
    Damn Lothian, I hope it works out. That sucks ass.

  5. Nat's says:

    Season 2 only just been released on DVD in the UK so can you give me heads up on which of the Season 3 to purchase when it comes out here. Thanks

  6. Mary says:

    hm.. interesting.. because i recently recieved my dc3 and it had the “behind the scenes” with the producers and stuff.. i dont know if its the same thing.. but i’d be really mad if it was the after the catch series.. cuz that was the good stuff.

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