Heads up Rollo Fans…Capt Eric coming up in season 4!

Another season 4 mystery solved.  In Discovery’s “Inside the Catch” blog, just posted yesterday–January 22nd– is the answer to the question some fans have asked themselves….Someone had commented on Deadliest Reports a while back that a crewmember from the F/V Rollo would be fishing on a mysterious red boat.  We learned the mysterious red boat is none other then the F/V North American.  And now we know the Rollo member who fished on the North American for King crab season was captain Eric Nyhammer.  So F/V Rollo fans, rejoice!  There’s a bit more to learn about this interesting skipper from Discovery’s latest post….

A Captain Returns to the Deck

(photo courtesy of Discovery)
You got to know Eric Nyhammer, 46, as the captain of the Rollo during Season 2 of Deadliest Catch. He led an eclectic and somewhat artsy mix of crew members aboard the 107-foot house forward vessel owned by his father Siven. Like the Skaars and the Hansens, Eric has strong Norwegian fishing roots and knows how to run a boat in the Bering. He once said, “It’s still man against Mother Nature out there, so you can’t get too over-cocky. You gotta know just how smart you are.”After skippering the Rollo for king crab season, Eric joined the crew of the North American to work the deck, working both boats for king crab. In his spare time, Eric is an artist working in oils and pastels, and comes off as mellow and laid-back; however, he shouldn’t be underestimated. From what folks say, he really likes to lead and doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind, so we’ll see how he does as a deckhand taking orders…Please read more about Capt. Eric after the jump
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3 Responses to Heads up Rollo Fans…Capt Eric coming up in season 4!

  1. Jen says:

    Oh GOODY!!! I loved Eric. I can’t believe he’s working the deck and I can’t wait to see him.

  2. Charles Nyhammer says:

    Hello Eric

    What kind of relations do you have to Norway, and where does your family come from.

    Charles Nyhammer. Bergen, Norway

  3. Katherine says:

    Hey Eric,
    I’m so glad to hear you will be on the show again!!! I always looked forward to seeing you! (you look so similar to my late husband) Creepy yes!!

    See You soon
    Kate. Castleton NY

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