From Discovery, All about the “Green” boat…

More on the F/V North American from “Inside the Catch”, Discovery’s blog about the upcoming fourth season of “Deadliest Catch”.  the F/V North American isn’t only a red boat, it’s green as well…Green as in energy conserving and environmentally friendly.  If you check out the North American website, you can read up on this interesting new technology they’ve adapted to their fishing vessel.  It’s  Gen/Tech Global–which boasts it’ll save up to 80 percent of the fuel an auxilliary engine typically burns and what does that mean?

According to the Discovery blog, it means that on a typical trip between Seattle and Dutch Harbor, the generator prevents almost 12 tons of carbon emissions.  So Kudos to the F/V North American crew for the effort!

But let’s talk about the North American greenhorn…They have one of those too.  Travis Arket has been brought aboard as the new greenhorn and he’s apparently a very smart one.  It isn’t his fishing skills that got him the postition, it’s his experience of working with the Skaars on their Gen/Tech system.  John Skaar is the deck boss and engineer and he’ll be working, overseeing not only the deck, the fishing vessel’s experimental technology, but the new green horn as well.  (photo courtesy of Discovery, it’s John Skaar)

Should be interesting to see how everything works out on the F/V North American.  Next time, Discovery will be blogging about a more familiar face……

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2 Responses to From Discovery, All about the “Green” boat…

  1. Jen says:

    SWEEEEEEET!!!! I can’t wait to see this season.

  2. Meghan says:

    I think that is so cool that they are thinking about the enivorment and I seriously hope that this new Gen/Tech system will catch on with the rest of the fleet and in the long run the big container ships.

    Also their greenhorn is a computer programer, talk about the ultimate white collar job, becoming a fishermen, the ultimate blue collar job.

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