2007/8 Opilio Fleet

Hope all “Deadliest Catch” fans had a wonderful Holiday break!

With the 2007 King Crab season behind now, the fishermen (both featured crews on the show and the rest of the fleet) are gearing up for Opilio season which is typically fished in January-March.  As of October 12th, the list of fishing vessels below were the pre-registered fleet for Opilio season.  It looks as though there might be more registered for Opilio then there was for King crab…Either way, with the TAC (total allowable catch) being over 60 percent higher then last year, not to mention it being the highest TAC in over a generation, you can bet there are some mighty large quotas to fill this season.  Check out the list below and see how many of these boats you can recognize…..

 2007-2008 Vessel Pre-Season Registration as of 10/12/07

 Adventure               Alaskan Challenger           Alaskan Spirit
Alaskan Beauty      Alaskan Enterprise           Aleutian Beauty
Aleutian Lady         Aleutian Mariner              Aleutian No. 1
Amerian Lady        Arctic Hunter                     Arctic Lady
Arctic Marine         Arctic Sea                           Atlantico
Ballyhoo                  Baranof                                Barbara J
Bering Hunter        Bering Sea                           Bering Star
Big Blue                   Bountiful                              Brenna A
Bristol Mariner      Bull Dog                                Cape Caution
Cascade Mariner    Confidence                           Constellation
Controller Bay        Cornelia Marie                     Destination
Determined            Early Dawn                           Erla-N
Farrar Sea              Farwest Leader                   Fierce Allegiance
Guardian                Gulf Winds                            Handler
Incentive                 Island Mist                          Jennifer A
Kari Marie              Karen Lynn                          Katie K
Keta                         Kevleen K                              Kiska Sea 
Kodiak                     Kustatan                               Lady Aleutian
Lisa Marie              Maverick                               Melanie
Mystery Bay          Nordic Mariner                   North American
North Sea               Northern Marine                 Northwestern
Nuka Island           Ocean Fury                           Ocean Hunter
Ocean Olympic      Pacific Mariner                     Pacific Sun
Paragon                   Pinnacle                                Polar Lady
Polar Sea                 Ramblin  Rose                      Rollo
Royal Viking           Sandra Five                          Scandies Rose
Seabrooke              Silver Dolphin                       Silver Spray
Southern Wind       Starward                              Sultan
Tempo Sea             Time Bandit                          Trail Blazer
Valiant                    Viekoda Bay                          Viking Queen
Vixen                      Western Marine                    Westward Wind

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10 Responses to 2007/8 Opilio Fleet

  1. Christine says:

    Wow…quite a list. Thanks for all the great info!! 🙂
    Happy New Year Opilia!

  2. capt andrew says:

    of all the boats listed above, which has the largest quota this year?

  3. =BeringSea= says:

    I would say the Mariner boats(Arctic, Bristol,Northern, Aleutian, Western Mariner)have the most total together. as with the most for one boat?

  4. Meghan says:

    That would be the Trailblazer.

  5. EvilStealth64 says:

    Now i can see why it must be hard to get a job on one of these boats, with all of these boats their cant be more than 600 jobs

  6. Jay Molleker says:

    I am a chef looking to cook and deckhand on a boat. If your hirihg lets talk. call 425-530-6783

  7. Ed Helm says:

    I’m trying to get in touch with the skipper (Flap”) of the “Ramblin Rose”. I owe him some tea from Michigan that I promised him while on his ship in 2006.


  8. Brian Johnston says:

    I’m looking for some pictures of the Constellation. My data and I were deck hands on that boat back in 1979.

  9. Brian Johnston says:

    I’m looking for some pictures of the Constellation. My Dad and I were deck hands on that boat back in 1979.

  10. Peter James Madden says:

    Looking for a job king crabbing on a seaworthy boat with a sober,competant,and salty captain. I’m an able bodied 35 year old San Francisco bay towboater and commercial fisherman. I’ve gilnetted and tendered on the Columbia river at different times my whole life. spent seven seasons drifting in bristol bay (Egegik) on the same boat the”Cheryl’s Song” with David Nelson. One season setnetting for Bobby and Willy Johnson on the north line in egegik and spent a season tendering in southeast with Chris Doumit on the “Tebenkof”. Can work hard for long hours and take orders with no lip service. I love fishing and love to make money doing it.360-430-9663

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