Latest news on season 4 from Discovery

On Discovery’s latest “Inside the Catch” blog where they give out clues about season 4, we’re introduced to Sten Skaar, the skipper of the F/V North American which is the newest addition of featured fishing vessels for the next season of “Deadliest Catch”. (Photo at right courtesy of Discovery). As mentioned a week ago, Sten is the son of Erling Skaar who fished for Sverre Hansen, father to Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern.  According to this latest blog post, Captain Sten has been fishing for 20 years, he’s from Seattle, Washington, he’s 41 years old and enjoys working closely with his brother and crew.  The similiar elements between the North American crew and Northwestern crew are highly noticeable:  they’re both family driven crews, they may have the same fishing habits as they’re all heavily influenced by Sverre Hansen, they’re both of Norwegian descent, even the fishing vessels have similiar names and slightly similiar appearances.  Should be very interesting dynamics between these two in season 4….

Also reported in this latest blog post on Discovery is the ongoing antics of the fishing crew, namely on the F/V Timebandit….Andy Hillstrand–both crewman and skipper of the F/V Time bandit has made a new discovery….Apparently someone heard that one can make a taser out of disposable cameras.  So in true mythbuster style, Andy Hillstrand proved the hypothesis true so you can imagine what he’s been doing to the Timebandit crew lately…..

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17 Responses to Latest news on season 4 from Discovery

  1. Meghan says:

    Here is some information that I got from one myspace contacts that work in the industry and this what he has to said about them:

    I hate to tell you this but the North American was never a realy big producer when it was the derby days. The did O.K. but most of the time they were less than average.

    So what the point in bring them in?

  2. DAVE KNOXX TENN says:

    Thanks Once again OPILLA!!!!.For The Update.As a young boy I lived in Alaska.I can remember it just like yesterday.Thanks so much for thinking and doing for others. DAVE KNOXX TENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. opilia says:

    Thanks Dave. No problem at all since I love the show!

  4. opilia says:

    Meghan, According to the info on Discovery, the F/V North American spent the last few years in the arctic doing work as a scientific vessel so I dont imagine they were very active in the crab fisheries for a while. True, they have a small quota compared to other boats, but this is their introduction back into crab fishing….

  5. Meghan says:

    So what are you saying that the NW quota of 335,000 LBS is all his? Because I’ve heard that it not, and that a good majority of it is leased. Can you straighten me out with this question?

  6. opilia says:

    Who ever said their quota is 335,000 pounds? Not me…..

  7. Meghan says:

    Jennifer McKenzie posted it on the Inside the Catch blog titled “Introuding the North American”.

  8. opilia says:

    Hey that wasnt posted here, that was posted on the Discovery website by Webdoc. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. What does it matter whether it’s leased quota or owned quota? Maybe you should take your question to the source?

  9. Meghan says:

    Opillia, I did ask people contected to the NW, and they haven’t answer me back. I had to go to somebody else outside of the NW to get the answer, and it is true. The NW leases more quota then they own and it dose matter if it is leased vs. owned, because an owned returned more money then a leased one.

  10. Mike says:

    Hey Meghan,
    Just so you know, now that the crab rationalization act has passed there are less than 100 boats fishing crab nowadays. It is no longer cost effective for a large boat to go crabbing if they only have a 20,000 lb. crab quota. so this is why you see a very few boats with leased or stacked quotas. It’s all economics at this point. It’s just not worth it to drop 50 to 60 grand on Food, Fuel and Bait if the boat can only make 80 grand total.

  11. baudin says:

    shut up and fish!

  12. CrabFan says:

    This information is all very interesting but , it would be much easier to understand if spelling errors were corrected before posting. That some how makes your info less credible if you can’t even spell correctly.

  13. opilia says:

    Hey crabfan–call me blind but I dont see any mispellings here…

  14. NascarGirl says:

    Dumbdumbdumb question for y’all…..have they said yet when Season 4 will start? I haven’t been able to read through everything but I could’ve sworn it usually started sometime in January….but then again…I’ve been wrong a time or two…..occasionally…

  15. Doug Stanley says:

    Doug Stanley here again. There is a bit of inaccuracy going around.
    I just spent the king season aboard the North American with Sten and crew. It has only been a few years since they were present for crab seasons. Our show is about the people who fish the Bering Sea. Let me tell you…Sten is a character. Check out my blog this year at the discovery site!

  16. opilia says:

    Hi Doug! Glad you stopped by again considering your busy schedule. Nice to know you were on the North American. I can tell you, fans are looking forward to meeting this crew!

    And I see what you mean about inaccuracies…The F/V Northwestern has only been away from crab fishing for a few years, not twenty…

  17. whoknows in seattle says:

    If it’s character you want, character is what you’ll find in F/V North American Capt. Sten Skaar. He’s one of the nicest guys in the industry and I for one am glad he’s back in the game. I was wondering if he’d make it on to the show because this man is good for television. We can all learn a few things from the Skaar family.

    Great family. Great edition to the Deadliest Catch!

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