December News on some of the “Deadliest Catch” Fishermen…

Capt. Greg Moncrief of the F/V Far West Leader has been captaining on the F/V Barbara J this season.  He and his crew are done with King crab season of 2007 however, Greg Moncrief is still busy in the Bering sea delivering emergency fuel to the people who live on St. Paul Island of the Pribilof Islands.  Apparently the fuel supply barges have tried for two months to make their delivery but due to unusual weather patterns in that area of the Bering sea, have not been able to get to the Pribilof Islands.  Read up on Captain Greg’s mission to deliver emergency fuel, in the Dutch Harbor Fisherman news.

On the F/V Time Bandit front, the latest news on their Report From the Bering Sea, the Timebandit finally delivered their last load on December 6th!  These fishermen are some of the last of the “Deadliest Catch” crews to finish up with King crab.  They state they’ll be taking a short holiday break and then head out for Opilio crab.  From the F/V Time Bandit crew to everyone, “…have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!”

At last word, the F/V Cornelia Marie was still out at sea fishing and hauling King Crab.  According to friends of the crew, they were expecting to come home at the beginning of December but due to extreme fishing, they’ve been delayed…Word is the Cornelia Marie has a very very large quota of crab to haul in.

The F/V Maverick and F/V Wizard have both been finished with King crab for some time and both skippers attended the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington. 

The F/V Northwestern & crew are finished with King crab and have been home for approximately a week.  Capt. Sig, Edgar, and deckhand Matt Bradley attended a Helly Hansen event at a local Macy’s where they promoted their new line of Helly Hansen gear.  Capt. Sig also attended a local cancer fundraiser and auction, where someone bid $20,000 to have a crab dinner with the Northwestern skipper.  For interested Floridians, word is that Captain Sig Hansen will be at epcot, at the Norwegian Pavillion on December 13th, unfortunately it can’t be verified with any official advertisement at this time, keep an eye out for updates.

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3 Responses to December News on some of the “Deadliest Catch” Fishermen…

  1. Whatever happened to Jerry “Corky” Tilley?
    I saw him on one show and then he disappeared.

  2. Meghan says:

    Sally, his boat has been retired from the fishing fleet, it now runs tours. Corky, still works in commerical fishing, but not anything that deal with Alaska.

  3. jose antonio martinez says:

    hello good morning ,I need work in the sea of king crab .
    thank you!

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