Many Workers Needed in Alaska….

So many individuals have commented on Deadliest Reports that they’re interested in working in Alaska as fishermen, however, most people starting in the business have to start somewhere’s else and work their way into fishing, considering how crab rationalization has reduced the number of fishing vessels that actually take part in Opilio and King crab fisheries.  Several of the skippers mention on their websites that they recommend starting in the processors.  So if anyone is seriously interested, there seems to be plenty of work available starting in January.  This was just published by Laine Welch in Fish Update:

The call is out for hundreds of workers for Alaska’s biggest fisheries that begin in January — pollock, cod and snow crab.

“It’s the money making season in the seafood industry,” said Nelson San Juan, a seafood employment specialist with the state Department of Labor in Anchorage.

Major seafood companies need workers at shore plants in Kodiak, King Cove, Dutch Harbor, False Pass and aboard the at-sea fleet. Most of the work will run into April and workers can then be deployed to other fisheries, such as roe herring at Togiak. San Juan added that more processors have told him they will be buying herring at Bristol Bay next spring.

Most of the seafood jobs are for cutting, canning or freezing fish. But it sets the stage for training and advancement into skilled jobs that pay decent wages and don’t demand a college degree.

“Jobs like maintenance machinists, mechanics, refrigeration, electricians, quality control… There are lots of opportunities for Alaskans in the seafood industry and they may not realize it,” said job specialist Laurie Fuglvog.

More seafood companies strive to promote from within, added San Juan.

“One thing I like about the seafood industry in is they have been promoting from within. They will announce job advancements in the company before they hire people from outside. And they all are very good at that,” he said.

Hiring begins this week. For information, contact any local Job Service, call 800-473-0688 or go to .

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One Response to Many Workers Needed in Alaska….

  1. Piston says:

    My boyfriend is up there right now. He works for Unisea on Dutch Harbor. He’s a welder / fabricator / millwright.

    They are having a hard time finding qualified welders up there. I know….we talk every night about that.

    It a very tough, demanding job, but if anyone out there has at LEAST 5 years experience and can handle LONG hours and 6 to 7 day work weeks; apply now.

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