More on the F/V Northwestern Crew appearance at Macy’s

The Hansen’s along with Matt Bradley were booked to make multiple appearances today, at local Seattle Macy’s Department stores where they represented their official brand of Helly Hansen clothing.  

To the left is the new Hansen logo that appears on their line of the Helly Hansen gear.  To the right is a message from Capt. Sig, endorsing Helly Hansen.  It states, “My brothers and I have worn Helly Hansen since we were kids.  My great grandfather even wore Helly.  We’re fourth generation fishermen and in our industry we need durable gear.  Our lives depend on it.”

Edgar Hansen, looking neat and trim after having spent the majority of the entire year fishing up in Alaska

Captain Sig Hansen.  In addition to the Macy’s appearance today, there was another event that Sig Hansen was connected to…The 32nd annual Hutch Holiday Gala was held in Seattle, an event that raises millions of dollars for cancer research.  One of the prizes auctioned off was, “an Alaskan king crab dinner prepared by Seattle chef Tom Douglas and attended by Capt. Sig Hansen of The Discovery Channel’s reality show
“Deadliest Catch,” which sold for $20,000″

(All photos courtesy of fan MelG, who attended the Macy’s event)

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7 Responses to More on the F/V Northwestern Crew appearance at Macy’s

  1. Jen says:

    Very cool. Sig really is one of the hardest working guys out there. Nice to see him going for some good causes.
    Wouldn’t I LOVE to win that dinner.

  2. Meghan says:

    I also would love to gone to that dinner as well and I like the fact that money went to cancer research, I lost a family member to a type of cancer. Do you know if these guys are going to make an appearance on any of the Macy’s on the East Coast?

  3. Michael S. says:

    Sig !!!! Edgar !!!! What’s going on ????? I came home from work early today 4-18-08 and just as I was clicking though the channels, I caugh a glimps of your face (Sig) and it struck me a little off ballance because it wasn’t the Discovery Channel !
    I just want everyone to know that my main man “Sig Hansen” didn’t sell out to “the man” noooooo. Sig & Edgar sold out to the MARTHA STEWART show !!!!!
    Sig ? what’s up with that? The Martha Stewart show?

  4. Tanya says:

    LOVE Edgar! Just Love him!!! He’s spicy!! These guys are too awesome – I nearly get seasick just watching the show – I don’t know how they keep it together like they do but more power to them!!!

  5. Frank Spaziano says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Edgar at the Helly Hansen store in Newport Rhode Island over this past weekend of March 31st of 2008 . He is a great guy and you can tell that he love signing autographs and taking pictures. I was really impressed with his outgoing personality and there was no one there to rush you along, so if you had any questions, he was more than happy to answer them for you . I bought a t-shirt at the Helly Hanson store for $25 and it is of high quality. It was a little bit on the high side, but in this case, it was more than worth it!!!

  6. abigail vanneh says:

    o.m.g. you guys are so cool.i wish i lived in goal in life is to work on a crabbbing boat especialy the northwestern.
    edgar is awsome at pulling pranks i want him to show me some of them.sig i think you are the nicest captain on deadliest
    catch you guys rock

  7. rene shaver says:

    i would like to sayall of you crab fishermen .are going though pain losing capt phil there are no word to say that well make you fill better i know i losed my 27yr son on his b-day suddenley .just know ifill for his boy/friends/crew God bless you all.¥rene shaverl

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