Captain Keith & Captain Blake at the Pacific Marine Expo

Captain Blake Painter of the F/V Maverick and Captain Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard attended the Seattle Pacific Marine Expo on Friday, Nov. 16th.  Other skippers listed on the roster are currently still fishing and did not attend.  The two skippers held a question and answer session with fans and discussed crab fishing without delving much into details of the upcoming season of “Deadliest Catch”.  Interesting to note, Captain Keith mentioned it takes 7000 gallons of fuel to head up from Seattle, Washington to Dutch Harbor Alaska, to go fishing, and on a radio interview  (interview starts approximately 10 minutes in) he gave, the skipper responded to a similiar question saying that a boatload of fuel runs approximately $60,000, therefore explaining why Seattle fishermen have a tendency to leave their fishing vessels up in Alaska as much as possible.

As previously announced, the US Coastguard gave awards to certain captains for their assistance in rescuing a boatload of tourists off The Empress of the North, a cruise vessel that ran aground earlier this year in the Juneau, Alaska area.  Captain Blake was of pivotal assistence at the scene of the incident by taking on as many of the tourists as he could fit unto his familiy’s boat, the F/V Evening Star.  You can read more of the rescue on his family’s website.

On another note, both skippers confirmed to fans at the expo that Discovery camera crews were actually not filming on the F/V Maverick and that they would not be on season 4 of “Deadliest Catch”. 

(All photos courtesy of “Deadliest Catch” fan, Melly)

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7 Responses to Captain Keith & Captain Blake at the Pacific Marine Expo

  1. Ann says:

    That is so good that the Coast Guard awarded Blake for his action with the cruise ship, which shows that Good guys do finished first. With the Maverick not being in this year season, I can’t blame for what happen last year.

    Keith’s interview was really good an very intressting.

  2. Carole H says:

    Am sorry not to see Maverick and Blake on 4th season but understand the families wishes and honestly dont blame them.
    We still wish Blake the very best and keep fishin.
    Opilio we will depend on you to keepus updated on him and his successful fishing. Any more pics would be delightful too.
    The interviews were quite interesting as is their sites.
    Thank you again Opilio for the info you are the greatest.

  3. Jen says:

    Yeah, I can’t blame Blake for being unwilling to be filmed again. Word is that there was some “creative editing”. What is the Deadliest Catch word on that?
    I hope we do see more of Blake another time.

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  5. Shirley says:

    It’s wonderful that Blake and the Evening Star crew were recognized at the Expo for their efforts to aid passengers of the Empress of the North…too bad we won’t get to see Blake and the Maverick on Season 4 of Deadliest Catch though. Hopefully we’ll get another opportunity to see them in the future.

  6. sunniva says:

    hey blake 🙂

    It`s bad that you are not in season 4
    and I wil miss you.

    you was the best at youre job 🙂
    and you are hot and a greate man. 🙂

    so i hope thet we’ll get another opportunity to see you
    in a season in the future

    and i will wish you the very best fishin.:)

  7. Gabby says:

    Hey Blake me and my friends, that love you and the Maverick, are pretty upset that you guys aren’t out there in your funny ways

    we hope that the Maverick and you come back soon good luck and Michigan Fans support you all the way

    hope you and Phil come out to the Great Lakes!!

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