New Update on the 2007 King season

The Dutch Harbor Fisherman reports that the 2007 Bristol Bay King crab season is approximately halfway through….

The Bristol Bay red king crab season is at its halfway point on the Individual Fishing Quota or open access portion of the fishery, with 106 landings for 9 million pounds, making it to 49 percent and leaving 9.2 million pounds still to harvest.

That’s not to say that some fishermen aren’t completely through with King crab.  Capt. Blake on the F/V Maverick has been done for several weeks, the F/V Timebandit has moved on to other crab, and according to Capt. Keith, the F/V Wizard is now through fishing for King crab as they had a smaller quota to fish this season compared to last year. 

The fishery has moved into its fourth week, so it should continue until the end of the month. Many of the vessels that have finished catching their red king Individual Fishing Quota are just starting to move into the bairdi tanner crab fishery.

 Currently still fishing for King crab in high seas that have been reported to be in the 30′ to 40′ foot range(according to a couple of sites), are the F/V Northwestern and the F/V Cornelia Marie.  According to the Deadliest Reports weather widget, the current temperature in Dutch Harbor is at approximately a chilly 36 degrees F and a couple of today’s images taken from local Dutch Harbor webcams, shows that Opilio season weather is setting in.

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2 Responses to New Update on the 2007 King season

  1. “I am the Momma- gotta love me!” Okay- an update Re: my son, Richard Gregoire who is a friend/crewman for Jonathan/The Time Bandit. Richard is on the Bering Hunter this year and they had pretty good numbers for King’s and is also on the Bairdi! He missed turkey with Mom & Sis so we’re hoping he will be ‘home for Christmas’. Yes, Richard is still single and will be in Puerto Villarta in April warming his toes and toasting to the waves rollin’ in, for a change. His cousin Barry from Van, BC is getting married! His little sister is playing some serious ball for College of the Redwoods in Humboldt County, CA. -you should check her action out also. Momma is feeding the fire and working-and wants her baby boy home for Christmas (got that?- good) OVER AND OUT.

  2. No on the BAIRDI- that’s not even a word to be spoken.
    I stand to be- corrected! NOW- What do The Time Bandit, Richard Gregoire and Opies have in common. Possibly Season 4. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into some fresh Alaskan King Crab!!! Love You Son!!!!

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