Fishing Update from the Bering Sea

As the holiday season draws closer, our favorite “Deadliest Catch” fishermen are working hard to wrap things up…most of them.  Some current info gleaned from the respective fishing vessel sites concerning fishing status is:

F/V Northwestern–Trying to wrap things up by November 25th (King crab fishing, that is).

F/V Cornelia Marie–They hope to be done with King crab season in approximately a month.

F/V Wizard–The crew is headed home real soon.  They’re expected home this week as Captain Keith will be attending the Seattle Pacific Marine expo.

F/V Maverick–The crew finished up early and left Dutch Harbor almost two weeks ago.

F/V TimeBandit–They’re hitting it hard.  According to their Bering Sea Report dated November 8th, they had returned from King crab fishing, switched out their gear, and set out for Bairdi crab fishing.

*Although most crews are still out, we’ll have to wait and see which or how many skippers will make it to Seattle, WA for the Pacific Marine Expo taking place November 15th-17th as they’re all invited.

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5 Responses to Fishing Update from the Bering Sea

  1. manele says:

    Thanks for the updates! Sounds like the guys are working hard and being rewarded. Everyone take care out there and happy holidays (early) to them all! Thanks for the great work Opilia! I’m in Chicago now missing Hawaii more than ever! Also loved the audio on the closing of the “elbow room” a hui hou!

  2. Lothian says:

    I wonder how it is that the Cornelia Marie still has a month left to fish, and the Wizard is almost done? I wouldn’t think there is that much of a difference in their quota.

  3. alaskasteve says:

    No wonder Captain Phil was haulin’ butt down the East Channel – I figured he was heading home but he’s still trying to get his enormous quota filled! Seriously, I have never seen a crab boat travel that fast down the channel – or any other boat of any size!

  4. Jen says:

    Very cool updates, Opilia. It’s amazing since I thought the Northwestern and the Cornelia Marie had comparable quotas. I wonder if it’s the style of fishing.
    You know, “Shut Up And Fish” vs. “One Legged Man In An Ass Kicking Contest” styles.

  5. opilia says:

    Lothian–They could have very different quotas. I know that last year, the Wizard fished with all leased quota and the Cornelia Marie had a combo of their own plus some leased, so it could really vary from one boat to another.

    Steve–Funny! She was booking it then? I’m pretty sure the F/V CM docks in Kodiak so I dont know if she ever really heads back to the lower 48. But I know that Phil is on the roster to be a speaker at the Seattle Marine expo this weekend, maybe they had to drop him off? I see she didnt have any pots on her, so maybe they had all those pots to go pull asap!? (just guessing here, lol) Very interesting though, keep up the great work with those photos!

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