“Deadliest Catch” Captains seen about Dutch Harbor

We’re almost two weeks in the Bristol Bay Red King Crab season of 2007.  The fishing vessels have gone out fishing and have come back to Dutch Harbor to unload.  These “Deadliest Catch” skippers are also taking part in the Crabbroker’s tour, and they’re in town taking care of a little business!  Thanks goes to Robert & Lisa Ohmstead–currently residing in Dutch Harbor–for contributing photos to Deadliest Reports so that we may have a little update!  Seen below are the F/V Cornelia Marie and the F/V Time Bandit. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand–along with photographer Robert–looks to be making a pit stop at the local grocery store, and Captain Phil Harris is off to the local bank!  The last image is an evening shot of Dutch Harbor, Alaska…a beautiful shot.




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23 Responses to “Deadliest Catch” Captains seen about Dutch Harbor

  1. connie says:

    Glad to see that all the boys are doing well. Thanks for the pictures Rob and Lisa they are great.

  2. Jen says:

    Great pics. I hope Jonathan is doing okay, since I heard his luck wasn’t too good.

  3. Cris says:

    Photos – breath-taking !! Hey Jen – Johnathan looks OK to me……Maybe he’s made amends with LADY luck and MOTHER nature !!!! LOL
    I’m just saying……..

  4. Carole H says:

    Agree with Connie the pics are great and big thank you to the Olmsteads. Think the Banditas went too far in redecorating the Time Bandit. Sounded like B & E to me. That vessel is their home and no entrance without permission. Fans are great but fanatics arent. I dont think they would like someone to come to their home and redecorate while they were gone to dinner.
    You’d think that Phil and Sig put them up to it ? No way I say but…. Just voicing my opinion Banditas

  5. Cris says:

    Carole, redecorating the Time Bandit ? Wow, that’s pretty intrusive and borderline illegal!! Who are these “Banditas” ? What happened? I’m in the dark about this incident. Tell us more, please !!

  6. connie says:

    Cris I’m not sure but if you go to the Time Bandit web site and go to the message board under Bandita NewsI think this is what Carole could be talking about. I thought what I read was just a joke but from reading Caroles comment above maybe it’s true. I’m with you Cris and would love to hear from Carole about this. Will check back soon hope you respond back Carole.

  7. opilia says:

    It sounds as though they’re joking around, making things up and entertaining themselves, lol…Alot of Deadliest Catch fans get a little stir crazy between seasons 🙂

  8. Carole H says:

    Think you are right Opilia. Sorry to all. I sincerely apologize to all. Was mislead myself from unreported source. It wasnt a joke at the time I got the message. Go to suggested site can see how my friend got the wrong idea. Yes they are definitely stir crazy but only having weird withdrawal humor.

  9. Cris says:

    Thanks Carole! Hey , it is good to know we are all paying attention and keeping each other informed!

  10. Carole H says:

    How many offloads has each vessel made so far as you know? Or who has had the most offloads so far?


  11. Gioia says:

    I just love how Carol and Chris were so ready to judge with out going straight the source. Carol, I know you briefly went to the site but did you bother to look back where it all originated and how? Chris, you should not take one person’s word for it with out looking yourself first.

    My Banditas are good hearted people.


  12. Cooper says:

    Aw, c’mon… if you think that anything in the thread on the Time Bandit site could have even been remotely real for a moment, you were the one having a lapse of sanity.

    NO “Banditas” have been aboard the Time Bandit, let alone while it was in Dutch. No one has redecorated the place, let alone with pink flower appliques. No one has done anything of the sort. Have a sense of humour.

  13. ArtisticJen says:

    Goodness. We were just having a bit of harmless fun amongst ourselves.

    The Banditas love their Bandits. And most importantly, have a great deal of respect for them.

    We would never do anything to harm or upset them.

    It was all in good fun. We have a wicked sense of humor. 🙂

  14. opilia says:

    Ok, lol, I think everyone should be clear now. It’s kind of a global affliction as the “Hansennettes” on the Northwestern forums seem to be suffering from the same ailment, lol. Damn Discovery! They’d better get a Deadliest Catch marathon on the schedule STAT!

  15. Hi All,

    The Time Bandit Moderator here from the Time Bandit website.

    We really enjoy the fact that we have folks from this board who venture over to http://www.timebandit.tv – the one and only official website of the Time Bandit; home to the Captains and crew of the Time Bandit; and of course, home to the Banditas!

    I can assure everyone reading this that by no means have any of the Banditas been aboard the Time Bandit. I can also say, that even if they did make it on board, they certainly wouldn’t redecorate it! All of the Banditas have the greatest respect for all of those affiliated with the Time Bandit. We like to joke around on our boards from time to time (especially with the Deadliest Catch black out right now – grrr!), but it seems that obviously someone has taken something a little too seriously. That’s OK – it happens all over!

    As the Time Bandit site administrator, I’d like to take the opportunity to invite everyone here to come on over to the Time Bandit website (again, that’s http://www.timebandit.tv), and join in the fun, leave a message for the Captains and crew (which they actually read), and say hello! We have a lot of fun! We’ll be opening up our photo gallery soon … and while on that subject … if you find a picture you’d like to use for, I dunno, another website or your Myspace, etc., just send me a request! I’m more than happy to share information, but prefer that it be done through proper channels.

    Time Bandit website Administrator

  16. opilia says:

    Thanks for the info and the invite Time Bandit admin. I’m sure it was an honest mistake and by the looks of the comments, everyone is clear now. We’ve all enjoyed the TB website and no doubt, will continue to do so…Hoping that the guys have as good as weather as possible as they’re fishing late into the season!

  17. Nancy Steen says:

    Sig Hansen is awesome……

  18. Ryan mason says:

    my name is ryan mason im 11 turning 12 in augest30 1996 i want to be a crab fisher man rite back

  19. jenn2525 says:

    Hello, my name is Jenn I am 33 years old, and absolutly love DC! I just joined and love it here already! My favorite boats are Northwestern, and the Time Bandit! Look forward to meeting new friends 🙂

  20. capt andrew says:

    hey opilia do you know what the crab prices were for the 08 opi season? just curious

  21. Delanghe Rony says:

    First my name is Rony i was a fishermen for 13 years on belgium beamtrawlers and have stop the job for family reasons. but the way its going these last monds because of the fuel prices i think belgium fichery is going down the drain. What i like abote the doc. deadliest catch my mates on board had a life like the guys in the program keep on the good work i love it watching it brings good memories

  22. Oscar says:

    Hello everybody.
    I live in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, in the town of Nova Friburgo.
    I do not speak English very well, but I was very happy to find the site for you. You follow the work of the Discovery Chanell and I think fantastic. I wish you much success for all … A big hug to the cap JOHN AND THE ENTIRE PRA GALERA THAT WORKS IN TIME BANDT.

  23. Oscar (RIO DE JANEIRO - BRAZIL. says:


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