Seattle Pacific Marine Expo goes very “deadly” this year!

Just when it seemed as if all of the “Deadliest Catch” fishermen would be away for a while and we wouldn’t have any events to attend or read about, we now have an official appearance in the making:  The Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington on November 15th-17th, is now advertising this special Keynote Address:

 FREE KEYNOTE SESSION: Deadliest Catch Captain’s Roundtable

Join us as we bring the hardworking, fun-loving Captains from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch to the PME Roundtable.  Listen as they share stories of their harrowing ordeals and their lighter times on the Bering Sea.  Audience members will have ample opportunity to ask the Captains those questions they have always wanted answers to.  Of course, as you know, these are commercial fishermen and this is crab season, so if they have not captured their quota by show time, the number of Captains may be limited.

Who can attend will probably remain a mystery until the last minute as these skippers have deadlines to meet with processors in Alaska for crab.  Hopefully the good planners at the Pacific Marine Expo know they’ll need ample seating for this keynote session no matter which skippers manage to make it.  They probably do though, as having “Deadliest Catch” guest speakers isn’t new for this yearly Seattle event. Captain Sig Hansen and Edgar Hansen of the F/V Northwestern, along with Thom Beers–CEO of Original Productions–attended the last two and titilated fans with crab fishing stories.  Ragnhild Moncrief of the F/V Far West Leader will also attend the expo where she’ll be whipping up galley food.

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4 Responses to Seattle Pacific Marine Expo goes very “deadly” this year!

  1. Jen says:

    I don’t know how they do it. A grueling King Crab season AND appearances in Seattle.
    Sounds awesome.
    Maybe a podcast? THAT would be awesome.

  2. Meghan Hause says:

    Well, I went over to the Wizard’s website and I found out that Keith will be there.

  3. Carole H says:

    CM out in high winds and waves not expected to be there. Nw on KIAL radio for Russian -Alaskan Crab fuss

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