October: National Seafood Month!

How do you like your seafood and more importantly, do you eat enough of it?   October has been  National Seafood Month for many years now.  The seafood industry contributes more than $60 billion dollars to the US economy each year and provides more than 250,000 jobs, according to Laine Welch, veteran writer of seafood industry news.  But how well do you know these numbers…

Percentage of Americans who eat the recommended 2 servings    of seafood per week

Percentage of US fisheries that are sustainably managed

Percentage of women of child bearing age who eat the recommended 2 servings of seafood per week

The number of times a child may need to be offered a food before he or she will try it

Pounds of fish eaten yearly per person in the United States

  Shrimp’s rating among most eaten seafood in America

Percentage of seafood provided by “aquaculture” or fish farms

  Average number of calories in most 3.5 oz servings of seafood

Amount of risk of dying of a heart attack that is reduced by eating fish 1-2 times per week

How do Americans rate with seafood consumption compared to other countries?  Not that good according to Laine Welch

The 16 pounds of seafood that Americans eat pales when compared to other parts of the world. The Japanese, for example, eat 146 pounds of seafood per person each year. U.N. figures show that in Greenland, it’s 186 pounds and more than 200 pounds per person in Iceland. At Saint Helena in Africa, people eat nearly that much. The country with the lowest seafood consumption is Afghanistan at zero. And where in the world is the most seafood eaten? The South Pacific islands of Tokelau where each person eats more than 400 pounds of seafood every year.

Be brave then, celebrate National Seafood Month by trying a new recipe!  Grab a recipe card from your local grocery store or check out the seafood recipes on the Food Network’s website.  I’ve heard alot about fish tacos lately…

*Statistics are from seafood.com *

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  2. Maureen says:

    I’m sharing this with my social media. Thanks for the timely info.

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