King Crab prices, 2007

Straight from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the discussion for King crab prices for this season is on.  It sounds like it’s going to be good news for the fishermen this season.  From KIAL news….

 After taking a beating last season, Bering Sea crab fishermen are hoping to secure a better price for their red king crab before they start fishing this month.

Negotiators for the Bering Sea crab-harvesting co-ops posted a minimum starting price of $4.35 a pound on Monday. That’s well above last year’s opening price of about $3.50 and closing price of about $3.93.

Fishermen have good reason to be optimistic. Last year’s prices were driven down mostly by Russian imports, which caused Alaskan prices to fall a third below what they were in 2005. But Greg White, a Seattle-based negotiator for the Inter-Cooperative Exchange, which represents the fishermen, says that a recent crackdown on widespread illegal fishing off of Kamchatka has allowed Alaskan fishermen to aim for a higher price this year.

The Bristol Bay red king crab season opens on October 15.

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2 Responses to King Crab prices, 2007

  1. alaskasteve says:

    You do a super job passing along news from Unalaska/Dutch! Thanks for linking to my blog and keep up the great work – I’ll send along any photos I get of the DC boats this season – cheers, steve

  2. Jen says:

    I hope they get a better price this year. That price negotiation stuff is really tough.
    It was one of the ways they drove draggers out of business here through attrition. Very ugly.
    *crosses fingers*

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