Pre-season roundup now taking place for the “Deadliest Catch” fishermen

As everyone may or may not know, the Bristol Bay Red King crab season is on the horizon, opening on Monday, October 15th. And while we may not have any “Deadliest Catch” fan events taking place for a short while, “Deadliest Catch” news continues every day.

After finishing up their coast to coast tour, the “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea” are getting down to fishing business.  According to the Crabbroker, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand has spent a few days in Las Vegas–home turf for the Crabbroker–catching his breath.  Andy and Neal Hillstrand, along with deckhand Russell Newberry are already on the F/V Time bandit in Homer, AK, and departing for Dutch Harbor at the end of this Week.

“Bad Boys” deckhands Josh and Jake Harris are also on the F/V Cornelia Marie–which was docked in Kodiak, AK, and should be enroute to Dutch Harbor as they left port on Monday, October 1st.

The F/V Wizard, Captain Keith Colburn and crew, sailed out of Seattle, WA late last week and should arrive in Dutch Harbor soon.  Prior to departing, Captain Keith spent a whirlwind of a week with interviews both on television and radio.  He also had visitors on the Wizard, and a “very close source” comfirmed that Original Productions had already been on board filming.  (More on Captain Keith later)

While Captain Sig Hansen travelled the globe attending “Deadliest Catch” events, promoting seafood and the show, the F/V Northwestern and crew tendered salmon and fished for cod during the summer, spending the majority of their time in the Sitka, AK area.  Deckboss Edgar Hansen skippered the Northwestern and the crew was made up of Norman Hansen, Matt Bradley, and “not a greenhorn anymore” Jake Andersen. 

While we have not heard much from the F/V Maverick, according to the Maverick website, the Quashnick’s and crew have been very busy over the summer fishing herring, salmon, and halibut.  Captain Blake attended the Houston Hot Sauce festival just last month and confirmed that he will be fishing King crab season this year.

The Moncriefs of the F/V Farwest Leader also kept busy over the summer with multiple events and appearances.  Greg Moncrief fished for blackcod on the F/V Barbara J during the summer and will do so until its time to head out for King Crab.  Ragnhild says she won’t be fishing for King crab this season but may go out for Opilio in January (brave woman!).  They have received no confirmation of being filmed during King crab season, so undoubtedly us fans would love to see them during Opilio, especially if Ragnhild is in the house!  The Farwest Leader’s crew this season is Captain Greg, Chilly, Tico, Johnny, and Ricky…wish them luck!  And for fans out west…Ragnhild will be cooking up galley food at the Seattle Fish exposition in November, so keep an eye out! (More details to come later).

Additional news on our favorite fishermen to come as it becomes available…

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4 Responses to Pre-season roundup now taking place for the “Deadliest Catch” fishermen

  1. Jen says:

    Man, those guys stay busy! And Edgar was skippering? I hope he didn’t get lost too many times. LOL.
    What are we going to do until April Opilia? *whinewhinemuttercomplain*

  2. Lothian says:

    I hope they have safe waters and good fishing! I pray all of the boats and crews come home in one piece, safe and sound, with a tank full of crab.

  3. Cris says:

    I’m hoping this summer served as a morale booster to all the crab fisherman. Even if some of them did not participate in the ” Nation-Wide-Greet-And-Meet “. The love and affection shown by fans to all the captains and crew that represented the industry all over the U.S. and around the World, can serve as evidence that they are all appreciated, loved and valuable to a lot of people. All these positive thoughts and wishes can only bring good luck !

  4. JUDY MCVOY says:


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