There’s alot of crab fishing to be done this season!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game just announced the total quotas or catch limits for the Bering sea crab seasons for 2007-2008.  It looks like there’s a lot more crab to be caught this season!  The higher the total catch limit, the higher the Individual fishing quotas for each fishing vessel taking part in the crab fishery. 

The Bristol Bay King crab fishery is up to 20.4 million pounds, which is 30% higher then last year.

Opilio crab for this season is 63 million pounds, up a whopping 72% from last year.

For those who fish Bairdi crab, the quota is 5.6 million pounds, which is 89% higher then last year.

Wesley Loy, blogger for the Anchorage Daily News says, “Overall, the news is a big wow. Could it be the long-suffering but Hollywood-glorified Bering Sea crab fisheries are sailing into a new boom?”

Certainly I wouldn’t know, but it’s a great thought…

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3 Responses to There’s alot of crab fishing to be done this season!

  1. Meghan Hause says:

    Cool! But, the real question is how much they are going to get paid for all of their work from the processers?

  2. Darren says:

    How do you find out the individual quotas for each boat? For instance, I have a bet with a friend that the Time Bandit will out crab the Northwestern. Since Sig’s boat is twice as big, what’s the easiest way to find a solution to who wins the bet?

  3. opilia says:

    Darren if that info is available it would only be through Alaska Fish & Game. If I run into it, I’ll surely come back and post it.

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