“Bad Boys of the Bering Sea’s” latest and last stop: Tampa, Florida

The Crabbroker along with his entourage of the very “deadly” Bad Boys of the Bering Sea, just spent the last two days in Tampa, Florida, spreading the word and raising awareness of Alaska fisheries, especially the crab fisheries.  This could very well be their last pit stop before heading to Dutch Harbor for the October 15th King crab season.   While in Tampa, the “Bad Boys”–specifically Captains Johnathan Hillstrand and Phil Harris–were interviewed on several radio shows.  The first interview is from the MJ Morning Show 93.3 FLZ Tampa and it’s obvious that MJ himself, is a huge “Deadliest Catch” fan like the rest of us.   On the youtube video clip, Jack Harris of Newsradio 970 WFLA and others  interview the “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea”.  Have a listen, and learn more about seafood, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and fishing in the Bering sea. 

While in Tampa, Captains Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand pose with a couple of the guys who make up the team of individuals we’ve come to know as The Crabbrokers, who’ve sponsored the “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea” on a whirlwind cross-country tour in the latter part of this summer.  No doubt they’re already planning events for next year.

Second interview:

In the last two days alone, Captains Phil Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand have attended meet and greet events, both to the public and VIP at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  They also attended a crab dinner in the Hard Rock’s new restaurant, they’ve given several interviews on radio, appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live show, and more.  Between travelling, preseason filming for season 4 of “Deadliest Catch”, prepping their fishing vessels, and planning out their fishing strategy, they will somehow have to fit in a little rest!

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7 Responses to “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea’s” latest and last stop: Tampa, Florida

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the linkage, sir.

  2. Jen says:

    Awesome as always, Opilia.

  3. Manele says:

    Thanks for the interview. I must say the questions were somewhat elementary and not very imaginative. It is always interesting to get Johnathan’s thoughts on the rescue from last season, that’s priceless. Must be the writer in me thinking I’d have a different slant on my questions. Keep up the great work on this site!
    You rock!

  4. opilia says:

    Hi Manele. Some of the questions do seem elementary because each time there’s an interview some of the same questions get asked again and again. But that’s probably how it has to be to turn on new people to the show.

  5. Manele says:

    Aloha Opilia – Thanks for the comments, I do agree with you on the rationale. At present I am finishing up an interview I did on “Top Chef” contender Dale Levitski and certainly I must write some of the basics but I’ve got some great information that no one else has even touched upon which will make for good reading along with the usual topics. Like I said, keep up the good work!

  6. Cris says:

    Hello Opilia! As always… you’re the BEST! I was able to view the YouTube video, but I can’t seem to hear the MJ Morning radio interview…..Is it me?
    thanks for all you do !

  7. opilia says:

    Hey Chris! Thanks for letting me know about the audio problem. It’s fixed, so please enjoy when you have time!

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