Fishing Vessel and Crew status for “Deadliest Catch” season 4

The question is, which crews will be returning to season 4…and will there be “new” blood as well…the information available is this:

F/V Northwestern                  CONFIRMED!

F/V Time Bandit                     CONFIRMED!

F/V Cornelia Marie                 CONFIRMED!

F/V Wizard                              CONFIRMED!

F/V Maverick                          CONFIRMED by reliable “sources” but unconfirmed  
                                                   by the actual owners–Rick & Donna Quashnick


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47 Responses to Fishing Vessel and Crew status for “Deadliest Catch” season 4

  1. Lothian says:

    Woo hoo!! I am a Time Bandit girl, and I love the Cornelia Marie so I am set! Of course, I adored the Wizard too. Glad to see they are coming back. Man! now I really can’t wait!!

  2. Jen says:

    SWEEEEET. I miss the Rollo, but I understand they had issues with the whole idea. So, we’ll have to settle for Corey’s photos.
    Can’t wait to see Phil and the boys again.
    And Edgar. *Happy (very happily married) Sigh*

  3. opilia says:

    Well there should be some interesting things happening on some fishing vessels…. for instance the Timebandit has a new deckhand from Hawaii and the Wizard has a new deckhand named Lynn…interesting huh?

  4. Meghan Hause says:

    Thanks for the update about the returning crews, I knew that the Northwestern would be back and I hopping the Wizard’s new deckhand will be a woman. Why? Because it would be interessting to see it.

  5. Marc Findlay says:

    I think the F/V Artic Venture should be on the show. Also, Corkey Tilley’s boat, F/V Watchman.

  6. Meghan Hause says:

    Marc, the Watchman is a different crab boat it fishing for Duggness Crab off the coast of Washington State, it way to small to take the extreme weather that can be experniced by these boats.

  7. Gonzo says:

    Any news on the Farwest Leader?

  8. Rumor guy says:

    As a little teaser for some of you Rollo fans, there will be a certain somebody from the Rollo making a come back in season four. Teaming up with some new blood on a never before featured big red boat. The crab fishing dream team has been assembled for season 4’s new heavy hitter!

  9. joann says:

    What about the Farwest Leader? I liked those guys and gal.

  10. opilia says:

    Joann…I havent heard anything about the Farwest Leader yet. I just sent an email to Ragnhild asking for a little info. We’ll see if she has time to respond and I’ll let you know.

    Rumor guy…I’ll have you know, what you posted will torture Rollo fans beyond belief…they’ll demand some more clues, I’m afraid…

  11. Rumor guy says:

    I cant really give any more clues because I want to keep it a surprise! But be sure to watch season four for the new big red boat! Its not listed on this roster, but it is a confirmed boat!

  12. Mystic says:

    I have a sneaky feeling I know who Rumor guy is….Hummmmmmmmmmm…….

  13. Bruno says:

    Since last year I am watching this dangereous crab catchings on TV and I really enjoy very much.I wish to be crew member on any vessel and join these trips..But I live very far from Alaska.Just dreaming….

  14. Cris says:

    WHO ? ! ? ! TELL US ! ! ! ! I know I’m dying to know !!!

  15. Chris Fahl says:

    I was in Seattle in July visited the Lockspot several times. Going back the week of Nov 4. Sure hope I can catch a glimpse of the Northwestern. When will the show be on the air, I am having withdrawals.

  16. C Grafton says:

    WHEN WILL SEASON Four Start?

  17. opilia says:

    C Grafton, Season 4 will debut in the spring of 2008. They just recently starting filming for it and will film for several months.

  18. JC says:

    Northwesterns back…sweet !!!
    Hanging for season 4 …..this show is the shiznit

  19. Sallie Wright says:

    I think the F/V Bering Star should be on the next season!! Good fishermen aboard that boat. They should give different boats an oppurtunity to be on the show too!

  20. Ruth Garibya says:

    We’d like to see all the guys back just to make sure their still breathin. It’s a wonder Jon didn’t have a heart attack last season. Their kinda like family, we’ve watched them so long.

  21. COAKskifishbum says:

    so the big red boat is a go. heard rumors about this over the summer. glad to see its gonna happen after so long.

  22. Sherry says:

    Is there going to be another “After The Cach” or anything like it this year? I really enjoyed that as much as the actual “Deadliest Catch”. I got the books and really enjoyed them! Any more?

  23. opilia says:

    Hi Sherry. Yes, there’s going to be “After The Catch” again from what I’ve heard. Word is, there will be 16 episodes of Deadliest Catch and 8 episodes of ATC. Amazing huh?

  24. Marc Findlay says:

    Meghan Hause,

    Thank you for pointing out that the F/V Watchman was for the Dungeoness Crabs. I did not know that it was a smaller boat. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Marc Findlay

  25. crabber says:

    I’ve been fishing crab for years, and if you want to see a beautiful boat that catches crab you should see the pinnacle. The only problem is that the discovery channel only offered our boat ten grand to come film us and that isn’t even enough to cover the cost of the insurance for the camera crew.

  26. opilia says:

    Hi Crabber, That’s very interesting to know. I had always thought the going rate from Discovery was $20,000, but maybe they just dont offer the same amount to everyone. The exposure might have been nice though….(I’ll have to find a pic of the Pinnacle and check her out 🙂

  27. Meghan says:

    Thank you both, opilia and crabber with the information about how much Discovery paids for the boats to get film.

  28. Jerry Wilson says:

    Would really like to see the F/V Mystery Bay on the show . 3 out of the 7 crewmembers are from the Raymond, @ Westport area . Very good people would be alot of fun/

  29. JJ CORBETT says:



  30. Chari Mercier says:

    Hi! Just printed out both lists of boats that will be fishing king and opie crabs for 2007/2008. Glad to see that the boats that I’ve been watching on Deadliest Catch the last 3 years (and the 2 special crab fishing programs on Discovery) will be back! Saw the Maverick for the 2006 king crab season, but didn’t see her for the 2007 opie season. Was wondering why Rick Q didn’t participate during opie season last year. Looking forward to seeing these guys do their thing again. Read the statement from someone that the DC season this year is a few episodes longer than last year! WOW!!! Fun time! Loved the Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit, and Maverick caps and crews, but I also get a little frustrated with Sig on the Northwestern! He can be a dictator at times with his crew! I guess that’s his nature being in a crab fishing Norwegian family all his life! I’m also looking forward to the Phil, Jake, and Jonathan hand rope coiling contest again! That was fun to watch! Jonathan beat both Jake and his dad last year, so it’ll be interesting if Jake has made any improvements on his hand coiling. I just loved Phil’s reaction when Jonathan beat him! REMATCH COMING UP!!! Did see the sneak peeks of DC4 on Dec. 30, and spotted the North American on it. That will be an interesting boat to watch to see how well they do catching these crabs. Want to see how the NA cap works with his crew. And, what kind of pranks will the Maverick, Time Bandit, Northwestern, and Cornelia Marie be thinking of this time?? Crazy bunch of guys on those 4 boats! Can’t wait for April, 2008, when Deadliest Catch 4 gets back on! Will also be keeping track of their catch numbers again. Who will win the king and opie crab seasons this year? Watch and find out!!
    Stay warm up there!!!
    Chari Mercier 🙂
    St. Pete, FL
    PS: We’re in the 70s and low 80s here today!!

  31. Diana Ferris says:

    Captain Phil looked pretty sexy wearing his slicker overalls.

  32. Michelle says:

    Bring it On.

    Glad to see so many familiar faces returning.

  33. Robin says:

    Yah Phil! Can’t wait to see everyone and his other boy is Joshua not Johnathan. 🙂

  34. chad says:

    how do i get a job on one of the ships?

  35. Reel Sirius says:

    I have to tell you guys that Sig is the MAN. When you are a captain, it’s your rules!! Chari had mentioned that Sig acted like a dictator, it’s beacuse he is responsible for the lives of every crew member, and also to keep the boat afloat!!! If you ask me he is the best crabber out there and then Capt. Phil. I do alot of offshore sport fishing in the canyons out of Cape May, NJ and shark fishing as well, but what a rush it would be to be on one of those boats………. Boogidy Boogidy Boogidy Lets Go Crabbing Boys!!! Oh yeah by the way you have to get the Northwestern gear, great shirts and sweatshirts. I will write again!!!

  36. Stephen Toepel says:

    If the same 5 ships are not on for the 2008 season, The Cornilia Marie with Phil, The Northwestern with Sig, The Wizard, The Time Bandit with Johnathon, The Maverick with the new kid I am not going to watch the new season.

    The reason for the popularity of the show is not only the sport in it self and the dangers inherent in the sport or job, whatever you want to call it, it is that your friends on your favorite ship are and could be in peril evereytime they go out.

    It’s also exillarating finding out who caught the most and who won the battle. You always route for your guy’s. I have my favorites but all of them have become my family on tv.

    Eliminate one of my family and you will eliminate me from watching and I’m dead serious! ! ! ! !

  37. robin says:

    I cannot believe what Im hearing rick and donna are great but so is blake !!! I want them to all come back. Its a great boat. I think you can take tours of that boat . looking foward to seeing the northwestern, cornelia marie and time bandit..

  38. robin says:

    one more thing I forgot to ask. On the season 4 list its saying maverick confirmed but unconfirmed? well are they or arent they ? and will blake come too? keep me posted.

  39. robin says:

    I just realized, I should of read the posting above mine. : )

  40. opilia says:

    Robin–Late last year one of the Maverick crew members stated that film crews had been onboard during King crab season however several months later Blake Painter confirmed that they would not be in season 4. The Maverick is not listed on the Discovery Website as being featured in the show so I’d have to say No, they’re not going to on in season 4.

  41. Sam says:

    Blake bought his own boat. He will not be crab fishing. I’m glad he ventured out on his own, but I’m going to miss my eye candy 😦

  42. Pat Horton says:

    I would love to become a fisherman on the Northwestern or any other o the boats rom Deadliest Catch. The boat mentioned is my favorite. I am very serious about this and would like info on how to start as a Greenhorn and work my way up.

  43. Joyce says:

    My Goodness! What a crummy break injuring yourself to that extent. We CM fans certainly hope that you aren’t being too “macho” to take care of yourself and let your body heal. You aren’t a kid anymore, and it doesn’t seem like you take very good care of yourself. You’ve got sons – can’t they run the boat until you get well. Also, (yak-Yak) I’m sure your MD has advised that you need to eat good food, stop smoking, and forget the caffien. How about YOGA) It isn’t “sissy” stuff, neither is meditation (prayer if you are religious). Seattle has great resources for healing. UW has advanced healing clinics, and there is another hospital that specializes in cardio vascular healing. I hope you are wise enough to let your sons love you and help you while you’re recovering. You’ve been carried off the boat (I guess that proves something) Being block-headed isn’t the measure of a man. You’ve proved yourself after running things for 16+ years, you can still do it, but just not in the same way as when you wre younger – strength isn’t just brawn, ya know. A very wise old Turk told me! (Zorban The Greek).

    Hope you are taking care of yourself. The Deadliest Catch wouldn’t be the same without you and the Cornelia Marie.

  44. betty says:

    dear phil;
    your a hottie! take care of yourself i want to see more of you, and of the cornilia marie. and write back to me, that would be great. take care i love ya!!!

  45. Laura says:

    I would like to know if there will be Deadliest Catch 6 coming soon.
    Please let me know.

  46. Laura says:

    It is good see Phil on his crab boat, but i still see that he did not his bad habits,nervous leg, smoking.
    Phil my friend take care you have two hard working sons, thery need you, love see you there.

  47. Brandon Curland says:

    hello to u all….. you are by far the bravest men (besides our armed forces). i wish to work there in alaska on one your fishing vessels…… i am sure that i am not alone in the thousands of people whom would like to experience it. i do have experience on the water…… primarily in the San Jaun Islands on board the families 61′ Tollycraft. being from washington state and having had the experience on and around vessels should be a plus. i am willing to fly to dutch harbor or where ever it is to be apart of something much bigger than myself….. a team! please…. contact me at 509-945-4510. thank you and may you all have a safe and profitable voyage. Brandon M. Curland….6414 Scenic Dr., Yakima, Wa. 98908

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