Deckboss Scott Templin of the F/V Maverick

The name may not necessarily sound all that familiar, but Scott Templin has been a featured fisherman on “Deadliest Catch” for the last two years.  This last season, he came unto the F/V Maverick as the Deckboss, replacing Blake Painter who skippered the boat during King crab season.  The year before that however, he was a deckhand on the F/V Aleutian Ballad.  And what’s really interesting is that Scott Templin is the man responsible for the film sequence of the notorious rogue wave that knocked the Aleutian Ballad on it’s side.  Mary Swift of the Daily Record has written all about Scott in an article titled, “Roslyn man hooked on fishing”…

…Templin is now deck boss on the Maverick, one of the boats the series has followed. Before that, he was on the Aleutian Ballad, another of the boats that has been part of the series.

    The series captures both the hard work and the dangers of crab fishing.

    Not everyone is cut out for the rigors of the job, Templin says.

Scott Templin is featured on Discovery’s hit show, “Deadliest Catch”(photo courtesy of Joe Whiteside/Daily Record)   

Case in point: the Hurricane Katrina survivor who came to Alaska looking for a fresh start.    “That year they mothballed 70 percent of the fleet,” Templin says. “He ended up stuck, living in a tent. We offered him $100 a day. He came out with us and only lasted 30 hours.” The rest of the crew was still working when Templin found the man in the galley. He was done, he told Templin, and started putting on a survival suit, threatening to jump in the water so he could be rescued by the Coast Guard and taken to town.     Templin shakes his head at the memory.    Later, he says, the Discovery Channel gave him some camera equipment. He was at the helm, with the camera turned on, when a 60-foot rogue wave hit the Aleutian Ballad, laying it almost on its side.    “He told me it came back up because it didn’t have the crab pots on it,” says Cathie Moore, Templin’s mother. “If it had been loaded it would have gone down.”Learn more about Scott and read the whole article.

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2 Responses to Deckboss Scott Templin of the F/V Maverick

  1. Jay White says:

    I know Scott from our work together in the wildfire season in Washington and he is all this article says and more. He is an honorable man with a very strong work ethic and I am proud to call him my friend.
    He has many more tallents that just fishing and wildfire fighting,,,he has a strong aptitude for film making and editing as well. Hell of a nice guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

  2. jesse r templin says:

    good to see a fellow templin prospering in his carreer, jesse templin st helens oregon.

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