“Deadliest Catch” Skippers appeared at the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, Mass.

By way of a near miracle, Captains Phil Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand managed to pull themselves away from a jam-packed weekend in Dover, Delaware to attend the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival this last Saturday afternoon, where they met many fans, talked about fishing, and paid tribute to the lost fishermen of the area.  Phillip Devitt of the SouthCoastToday.com elaborates on the festivities…
Captain of the Cornelia Marie, on the series Deadliest Catch, Phil Harris, looks at fishing charts on the wall of the Seaman’s Bethel, before his appearance with Captain John Hillstrand at the Working Waterfront Festival. (Photo courtesy of John Sladewski)

NEW BEDFORD — Phil Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand spend much of their lives on the Bering Sea fishing for crabs in sub-zero temperatures and thrashing waves. For the past few years, the captains have taken America along for the ride on the Discovery Channel reality series “Deadliest Catch.”

Saturday, the Alaska residents were in town to attend the Working Waterfront Festival. But before they headed to State Pier where hundreds of fans were waiting anxiously to get their autographs, the men paused to remember local fishermen lost at sea.

As they entered the Seamen’s Bethel, the men known to a national audience for their sometimes brash personalities seemed solemn and reverent.

“Every port has got names of people lost at sea, and when you add all that up, it’s a lot of people and it’s mind-boggling,” Mr. Hillstrand said.

“We never think about it until we look at it. We don’t really want to think about it.”

Catch the rest of the story here

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2 Responses to “Deadliest Catch” Skippers appeared at the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, Mass.

  1. Jen says:

    There’s no way my husband (ex drag fisherman) wouldn’t check out the list of “Lost At Sea” where ever we may be. Yet, he doesn’t look at the one out on Humboldt Bay.
    I think it’s too close to home there.

  2. I had a great time meeting the guys from Deadliest Catch in New Bedford last week! Being a commercial fisherman myself along with my whole family, seeing and hearing their stories was totally awesome! I gave Johnathan a pic of a rare two toned lobster my nephew caught , he loved it and they both shook his hand! We had a great day, god bless the Alaskan crabbers, they are the greatest!……Sheila Mataronas

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