Sig Hansen Down Under!

A little “Deadliest Catch” tidbit:  While the F/V Northwestern and its crew have been up in Alaska tendering salmon and now pot-cod fishing, Captain Sig Hansen has been promoting the show in different venues.  The latest–New Zealand! 

To celebrate the opening episode of “Deadliest Catch” season 3 in Australia, New Zealand radio station, 95bFM and it’s morning personality Mike Havoc, started off their day by interviewing none other then one of our own favorite fishermen and skippers, Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern.  It’s a well known fact that the F/V Northwestern has a huge international fanbase so how fitting that he should go global in promoting “Deadliest Catch”

The interview from “down under” is an interesting one where interviewer Mike, asks some unique questions such as:

Mike:  You probably starting fishing to make a wage, to earn money, to be active and not loafing around obviously, dreaming of one day to earn enough money to escape fishing.  But now you’re a world superstar tv fisherman/captain, crab fisherman and you’ve got fans now who say, “Get back on that boat Capt. Sig! Get back out in the treacherous seas!”  So hows that?  How’s that whole thing?

Sig:  That’s cool!  I don’t mind.  It’s fun.  We’ve got lots of fans all over the world and it’s amazing!

You can catch the whole interview here: 

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7 Responses to Sig Hansen Down Under!

  1. Jen says:

    Awesome! I have some online friends in Australia who will be thrilled to hear DC is moving in their direction.
    Great interview, as always.

  2. opilia says:

    Great then! Sig Hansen was in New Zealand and has now travelled over to Australia. Someone said he just did an interview there today…I’ll be looking for that….

  3. Cris says:

    ” … superstar tv fisherman/captain…. ”
    Wow, that’s quite a title !

  4. tyson says:

    sig i love the northwestern

  5. Kim Tullos says:

    Wondering when new season starts.
    I am down here form New Orleans, but living in Lafayette, la. Love to watch you.
    Never miss a show.
    Take care.


  6. Hank Guinther says:

    Hey I watch deadliest catch eveytime it is on. I think you guys are great, it scares me to death to watch the things you have to go through, YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL TOUGH GUYS!!!!! My favorites are the Northwestern, Cornlia Marie, and the Time Bandit. Looking forward to seeing all of you next season. May God Bless.

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