Finally, A “Deadliest Catch” Soundtrack!

We’ve seen an album of Deadliest Catch scores by Paul Hepker and David Hanifan, but this is different.  This is a soundtrack of “Deadliest Catch” music by different artists.  It will be released September 25th and so far, it’s listed on Amazon.  Contents of the cd are:

Track Listings
1. A Deadly Catch (Paul Hepker)
2. Paid (The Supersuckers)
3. Roll Over (Paul Hepker)
4. Western Theme/Lucky Lady (Bruce Hanifan)
5. Urgent (Paul Hepker)
6. The Storm (Rob Dickinson)
7. Irish Prayer (Bruce Hanifan)
8. Between (Vienna Teng)
9. Let it Soak (Paul Hepker)
10. Res-Q (Paul Hepker)
11. Leavin (Indigenous)
12. Sea Theme (Bruce Hanifan)
13. Crab King (Paul Hepker)
14. Thunderock (Paul Hepker)
15. Rain (Jon Heintz)
16. North Western/Maverick Theme (Bruce Hanifan)
17. Til the End (The Living End)
18. Pot of Gold/Shanty (Paul Hepker)

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6 Responses to Finally, A “Deadliest Catch” Soundtrack!

  1. Cris says:

    The release of this soundtrack is one more measure of the magnificent impact this series has had on the viewers. The series is so well made that fans can relive the images in their head and feel the emotions while listening to the music, in a truly vivid way. It makes it a little easier to survive the off-season!!

  2. Jen says:

    Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Now THIS is something I can beg for and get in my house. LOL.
    I’m all over this.

  3. opilia says:

    I’m getting this one too! I have the previous “Deadliest Catch” dvd, it’s all musical scores and they’re very short. I’ve really enjoyed it but I’d like the full length tracks as well. Alot of people may not realize it, but each fishing vessel has it’s own little musical score…

  4. Laurie says:

    Been waiting for this since Season 2–it’s about time!!!

  5. sunil says:

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  6. Douglas Meredith says:

    What was the closing song on the July 14th episode, sounded like Bruce Springsteen?

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