Discovery’s “Lobster Wars” on for a second season?

Adam Cournoyer isn’t unique because he’s from Arizona, he’s unique because he’s one of the fishermen currently being featured on Discovery’s show, “Lobster Wars”, and he happens to hail from the unlikely location of the landlocked state of Arizona.  To top it off, Cournoyer is a deckhand on the Timothy Michael, a boat he says, where, “we have a reputation for being pirates.”  He explained to Original Productions when they were casting, “‘We are where bad fishermen go to get punished. That sealed the deal. They used what I said for the show. Our crew seemed rough around the edges and that’s what they were looking for.” (Photo courtesy of Bobby Langenbach), an Arizona online publication interviewed the unlikely star and asked him a few questions about himself and about fishing.  When asked about the show “Lobster Wars”, he responded,  “The show obviously is a reality-based program, documenting commercial fishing boats with the backdrop being fishing. It’s also about personal struggles of crew members and showing what they go through.

“They filmed in December. They probably picked that month because they wanted the absolute worst weather to make for the best television. We’re a good ways out, though, since starting. It’s been so many months and all of a sudden it hits TV.

“My friends and family get to see it at the same time I do. Things could have been embarrassing, but so far it’s good.

It was a wild time there for 23 days. We had divers in the water, helicopters in the air, land-based teams — everywhere there were cameras. It was a big production.”

And when discussing his own plans, Adam says, “

“Yeah, we plan to move this year. We’re also planning to do a second season of ‘Lobster Wars.’ “


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4 Responses to Discovery’s “Lobster Wars” on for a second season?

  1. Allen says:

    This was just released by USCG District 1 Public Affairs, could this be Rachel from LW?

    Coast Guard airlifts ill woman from fishing vessel

    *** Video Available HERE ***

    BOSTON – The Coast Guard hoisted a30-year-old woman today from a lobster boat about 80 miles east of Nantucket after she experienced symptoms consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning.

    The Coast Guard First District in Bostonreceived the call via satellite phone from the 75-foot Timothy Michael at 5:30 a.m., that the woman needed medical care.

    A helicopter crew from Air Station Cape Cod launched at 7:40a.m., and arrived on scene and hoisted the woman aboard the helicopter at 8:45 a.m.

    The helicopter landed at Hyannis Airport at 9:30 a.m., and transferred the patient to local paramedics.

    A Falcon jet crew was diverted to the Timothy Michael’s position at 10:45 a.m., and radioed the crew and ensured no one else aboard the boat was experiencing similar symptoms.

    AirStation Cape Cod counts this as their 9,603rd search and rescue case.

    ### U.S. Coast Guard: Saving Lives Since 1790 ###

    Sendemail replies to

  2. opilia says:

    It sure sounds like it may be her, unless the Timothy Michael’s taken on another woman. Let’s see if the CoastGuard does a follow up release. Hope she comes out alright…thanks for the news

  3. Ive been sick before doing bait near a muffler pipe that was rotted on an older boat i used to work on, it can get you pretty good, i hope shes ok, i work on a commercial lobster boat too, and im a 50 yr old woman , and love every day out there, it certainly isnt for everyone, but those who do it understand how hooked you get doing that job, no matter what its an awesome experience not many people get to see. Its great to see more women in the industry! S. M. F/V Terminator RI

  4. taylor says:

    dude– i know adam

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