Oh My! A “Deadliest Catch” Trivia Contest…

I posted just a while back about a writer–Jennifer McKenzie–who’s written a new novel, a “Deadliest Catch” inspired romance called, “Heart of the Storm“.  To celebrate it’s release, Jennifer is running a weekly contest on her brand new blog here at wordpress.  It’s a simple one, and if you know anything about this six-time Emmy nominated show, you should give it a shot!  Every Wednesday morning for the next month, there will be a “Deadliest Catch” trivia question posted on Jen’s Hot and Sweet Blog (that’s her blog name), and the first person to post a comment will win one of the author’s other novels…And also get his/her name thrown in a hat for a drawing to be held later, where the winner get’s an autographed copy of “Heart of the Storm”.  See you there!

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4 Responses to Oh My! A “Deadliest Catch” Trivia Contest…

  1. Thanks Opilia! You rock.

  2. Manele says:

    Keep up the GREAT WORK Opilia! I’ll be entering – I loved your post about her book! Looking forward to playing in the contest! A hui hou!

  3. Cris says:

    Wow ! This is so great ! It’s like a small “Deadliest Catch Fan Family! You can count on my input on Wed. See you there!

  4. opilia says:

    I’ll be stopping in too…early

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