COOL Seafood–what is it?

COOL, or Country of Origin Labeling is a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that requires all seafood product to bear a label showing where where it was harvested and whether it is farmed raised or wild caught.  Unfortunately, processed seafood is exempt from these labeling requirements and consequently then, only about half of the seafood in our grocery stores has a COOL label.  That’s a problem if you’d like to think you’re eating “genuine” Alaska crab.

It’s already a known fact from recent articles in leading fishing industry journals that approximately only 7 percent of King crab sold at American outlets is actually genuine Alaska king crab.  To make matters worse, both legal and illegal king crab that is harvested, processed, and shipped to the United States from elsewheres for repackaging isn’t even required to bear the COOL label either as it falls into the processed category.  When crab passes through the hands of “countless” middlemen prior to getting to our local shopping markets, can we really be sure of where it comes from?  Wouldn’t it make more sense if ALL seafood was required to show the “Country of Origin” label?

There is an opportunity to act, to give our opinion.  Think of it as supporting the Bering sea crab fishing industry that we’ve all come to admire… reports…In an effort to assess how effectively the measure (COOL program) has been implemented, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the agency responsible for the development of the COOL program, is seeking public comments. We think they should hear from you!

Let the USDA know how you feel about COOL labeling and make the Jump

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4 Responses to COOL Seafood–what is it?

  1. Jen says:

    I ask. In fact, I just asked my local store where the lobster was coming from. They SAID Maine. Now, I’m not sure I believe them.
    So how can you know?
    I’d much rather demand Alaskan crab. But the only way I’d know is if Phil handed it to me. (Hint Hint)

  2. opilia says:

    Well I dont know about “Phil” handing it to you (heehee), but I do know that the Timebandit will be personally handing over crab to The Crabbroker during king crab season…

  3. Cris says:

    Does the Crabbroker have any intentions of selling Time Bandit king crab directly to consumers? I’d love to know if there’s a system in place to do that. I’ve gone to the web site but there are no instructions. Anyone in the know ?

  4. danny says:

    Yes in fact we will have time bandit crab!!!!

    We will always be able to tell a customer what fishing vessel that crab actually came from and the day it was processed. There is NOONE who can promise the same.

    Obviously the season is long and we have fresh crab basically 3 days a week for delivery. The days on what boat and crew the crab comes from changes almost every week. But Will always stay within a few boats as we only deal with 1 processor and that leaves only certain boats whom deliver to them.

    Since this off-season has been so busy with the Bad Boys we haven’t got special boxes to label the per boat pack. But call anytime and we can give you detailed info on REALLY what is going on in Alaska. There is NO other company more in tune with the whole fishery then we are.

    p.s. The time bandit crab will be the december deliveries mostly. Since we are all working together on getting the season pushed as far as we can to give all the consumers the option for the holiday and new years deliveries!

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