A Lobster Wars Review

The improvements from last year’s mini-series “Lobster Men” to this year’s “Lobster Wars” are proving to be vast.  The new series resembles “Deadliest Catch” much more this year then it does it’s two-episode predecessor…which is a good thing.  This year, “the action follows five lobster boats: the Dragon Lady from Point Judith, R.I., the Timothy Michael from Newport, R.I., and the William Bowe, Rachel Leah and Direction, all from Hyannis, Mass.”  Newsadvance.com from Lynchberg, VA has posted the first official review of “Lobster Wars”…

The three Hyannis boats are highliners, meaning they’re the fleet’s biggest moneymakers, while the Timothy Michael and its motley crew are kind of like the Bad News Bears of lobstering.

Or, as deckhand Adam put it, the Timothy Michael is the place “where bad fisherman go to be punished.

“We’ve got a little bit of a black cloud that follows us, a bit of a reputation.”

The boats being trailed in “Lobster Wars” are just five of about 100, which flock every winter to George’s Bank, a submerged mountain range 150 miles off the coast of New England.

From November to January, tropical currents keep George’s Bank warmer than the rest of the ocean, which attracts millions of lobsters. That makes it the one of the best lobstering grounds in the world.

Lobstering is done year-round, but it’s during those winter months that most of the money can be made. Lobsters go for about $5.50 a pound, and a single boat can make over $100,000 in just one weeklong trip.

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6 Responses to A Lobster Wars Review

  1. Cris says:

    I’ve watched every episode so far and I must say…… I have NOT seen a single person/character that is even remotely pleasant or funny or likeable ! To me, that’s an important element that’s missing here.

  2. opilia says:

    Maybe they’ll need a few episodes or a season to loosen up a little?

  3. Well, the first episodes of Deadliest Catch were a little stilted but by the second and third, they were much better
    It won’t take long before this one takes off.
    We love it.
    I especially like the woman deckhand. She’s actually very interesting.

  4. The show is created, filmed, and produced by the same company as Deadliest Catch so it will hopefully have the same type of following, excitement, etc. Growing up in New England perhaps makes me a bit partial to it all but I find the industry exciting and interesting. There’s a site dedicated to the show with a discussion group at http://www.lobsterwars.tv and several in the industry post there.

  5. opilia says:

    thanks for the link Lobster Wars Fan, I’m sure there’s people who’ll appreciate a place to chat about the new show.

  6. Crabby Mom says:

    Well, take a bunch of regular guys and tell them that some camera men will be onboard, filming their every move, and I imagine it’s hard for them to act naturally. As someone else said, the early days of Deadliest Catch were pretty stiff, too. Over time, the crews became more accustomed to the cameras and loosened up. I’m sure it will be the same for the lobster guys. Anyway, the Coast Guard rescue episode was exciting, and I’m willing to give it more time to develop.

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