A Full House in Dutch Harbor in October?

In a story titled, “Dutch Harbor: No Room at the Inn” by Ann Touza, in the September magazine issue of “Pacific Fishing“, Touza says that in recent years most visitors have been easily accomodated in hotel rooms in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, due to the decreased number of active fishermen since the inception of crab rationalization.

So it came as a surprise this July when suddenly all rooms filled at the Grand Aleutian Hotel and Unisea Inn, the only hotels available. And why is that?  It seems Dutch Harbor is a hopping place these days even though the busiest time of the year is October.  Besides constructions workers, archeologists, and scientists who were there for the construction of a new bridge (it seems as though all the digging has uncovered ancient aleut artifacts and buildings), there were also fishing industry reps, tourists, and regular visiting friends & families.  Then on top of that, a recent court order halting a Shell Beaufort oil exploration project created an additional onslaught of visitors who took up the remaining 62 rooms.  According to hotel workers, this was a complete surprise, and according to writer Ann Touza, this could serve as a warning for anyone planning to visit in October…

“While the number of crab fishermen has decreased, crab-related bookings for October have increased…Original Productions usually books at least 30 room, plus the conference room and office space, to gear up for “Deadliest Catch” filming.  The Crab Broker began offering crab tours in October two years ago and is already advertising this year’s “Crab Connoisseur Tour ’07” for Oct. 27-29 in Dutch.  A “Wild Alaska Media Tour” is also planned during the month of October.”

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One Response to A Full House in Dutch Harbor in October?

  1. Is it awful that I want to go up there and be a touron? (Must I explain? As a Napa, California native, tourists are both a curse and a blessing)
    I want to take a tour and see Dutch Harbor.
    I know! Maybe the crew from Deadliest Catch needs a coffee girl. I make a mean pot of coffee.

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