“Deadliest Catch” Skippers raised $44,000 for The Florida Center while in Sarasota!

The “Deadliest Catch” celebrities who flew in to Sarasota, Florida on their own dime did much more then sign autographs and go ‘gator hunting. 

 Captains Larry Hendricks, Keith Colburn, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, & their sponsor and companion The Crabbroker,  orchestrated a fundraising event for children at Sarasota’s The Florida Center  They not only provided some very “deadly” personal items that proved to by desired by many, they also “worked” the crowds throughout the auction and managed to raise a whopping $44,000 for their chosen charity. 

 Items provided by the crew included t-shirts, a life ring, several jackets, and a trip for two to Dutch Harbor.  High bids on the F/V Timebandit and F/V Wizard jackets were in the $800-$850 range.  The highest bidder on the trip to Dutch Harbor shelled out a cool 15k for his prize, and then not to be outdone, the second highest bidder for the trip offered to pay the same amount if another trip for two could be provided for him…it was.

Although fans throughout the country rave about the great generosity of these “Deadliest Catch” skippers and deckhands, none seem to be more impressed then the crabbroker, themselves.  Words from the sponsors of these “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea”…”They all paid their own way to get here, and it really showed what great people they are,  with hearts of gold…”

Tune in later this Labor-Day weekend and see what it’s like to take a trip to Dutch Harbor and fish like a real crabber.  The crabbroker goes every year with a select few and they do some pretty interesting things…you’ll see

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7 Responses to “Deadliest Catch” Skippers raised $44,000 for The Florida Center while in Sarasota!

  1. How awesome to use their popularity to help others. Fishermen have such big hearts.

    Love them

  2. Kim Bishop says:

    We saw the guys in Chicago and then also in Sarasota, what great guys! Got some great pics and hope they come back to Bob Chinns Crabhouse. We’ll be there. Good Luck this season. We love the King Crab!!

  3. Manele says:

    I’m completely impressed with their generosity by sharing their time and resources to make events like that happen. I love the frenzy of charity auctions and nothing is more fun than when you “win” an item, I can only imagine the fun everyone had there.
    It’s great to know that they are such nice people who care and can use their new found celebrity to make a difference. BRAVO!!!!!!

  4. Rob says:

    What an evening! Good food and great people. My F/V Wizard Jacket is on display in my family room and the $800 that I spent on it was well worth it. All of the Captains were so friendly and eager to talk to everyone. These guys are great for giving of their time to raise money for children!

  5. opilia says:

    Congratulations, Rob! I love the F/V Wizard and hope to see more of it in season 4

  6. Eric says:

    A great time was had by all. We started off the auction day by visiting The Florida Center. The guys toured the facility, and met some of the program participants. John and Andy spent some time with one girl who was in a wheel chair and really made her day. It literally brought tears to Johanthan’s eyes. She was a sweety. Rest assured your Captains are all first class!

  7. Cris says:

    That’s my definition of REAL heros. These guys are true humanitarians at heart.

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