More info on “Deadliest Catch” celebrity events & appearances!

(Information on specific appearance and events may alter slightly as new details emerge but for the most part, are accurate)


That’s right, they’re coming back!  Sounds like a MEGA event!  Capt Phil and deckhands Josh & Jake Harris and captains Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand and Neal Hillstrand as well, will be attending events every day from the 20th-23rd.  On Friday–Sept. 21st–the “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea” will be at the Eastern Busch Races!  Keep an eye out for the Crabbroker’s “Bad Boys of the Bering Sea” logo on Jamerson Motorsports car #84!

The entire “Deadliest Catch” crew will also be attending the Sunday Nextel Races on Sept. 23rd.

(more info coming …)


Shop at your local grocery stores in Frederick, Maryland and meet deckhands Josh and Jake Harris of the F/V Cornelia Marie and capt. Johnathan Hillstrand!


West Patrick Street
1275 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21702

1305 West 7th Street
Frederick, MD 21702



Creative Arts Emmy award winners announced at Shrine Auditorium.  ”Deadliest Catch”  is nominated for 4 awards this year.  (More details may be coming & looking for possible early announcement of some emmy winners)  LINK


Fri., Sept. 7, 7- 9 PM
Sat., Sept. 8,  11 AM – 1 PM meet and greet.  Class from 5 – 7 PM  

THE BAD BOYS FROM THE BERING SEACaptain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie & Captain John Hillstrand of the Time Bandit.You’ve watched them on “THE DEADLIEST CATCH” on the Discovery Channel, battling the elements to harvest the traps. Join us in the Plano Cooking School as these two crab boat captains discuss their catch and you sample King Crab. A light buffet will be served as class begins. $50Call 469-241-9336 to make reservations.  LINK


Catch Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand at Nextel’s Sharp AQUOS 500 at the California Speedway.  (Race is airing on ESPN that evening). 


Captains Johnathan Hillstrand and Phil Harris to appear amongs others.  Per CNN, “Deadliest Jobs!  Storm chasers, tunnel diggers, and men who spend their lives at sea!”

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13 Responses to More info on “Deadliest Catch” celebrity events & appearances!

  1. Manele says:

    Thank goodness for Larry King! Since the “Bad Boys” have no scheduled appearances here in Hawaii we’ll just have to settle for them on Larry!

  2. Dang! Wish I could make it to Fontana this weekend.
    Thanks for the info though.

  3. Manele says:

    But boo hiss to the Senator from MN.
    and the transcript from the bathroom on Larry King today……I waited to see the guys and that bit of “news” came on and since I had things to do I didn’t wait and I may never know how the show went. I saw the “Dancing with the Stars” opening and realized my time was too valuable to waste on them. Maybe later tonight on the repeat I’ll get to see our heroes from “Deadliest” oh boy, I’m bummed! A hui hou!

  4. Cris says:

    I watched the Larry King show on-and-off and did NOT see the Boys at all ! Did anyone catch a glimpse of them of the Larry King Show ? He never even mentioned them last night while I was tuned in ! Bummer!

  5. Colleen says:

    No I think Larry King’s show just went down the toilet! To think they wasted everyone’s time talking over and over about that creepy Senator when they could of had some real celebrities i.e. the “good” bad boys of the bering sea. That made me mad.

  6. Cris says:

    Colleen – I’m right there with you sister ! Once you have Paris Hilton talking crap for an entire hour the toilet is too good for them. Last night, the Larry King show reached new levels of raunchiness !! Hope the Boys don’t accept any invitaitons from them in the future. Our Boys are too good for them!

  7. joann says:

    Does anyone know if they plan to show the BAD BOYS ever?????

  8. Manele says:

    Bummeroo – I was so irritated to see that Dances with the Stars people on, I thought maybe I missed part of the “Deadliest” guys. Not that I am glad they weren’t on, I’m mad about that but I am glad I didn’t miss it. Why that creepy senator gets so much coverage is beyond me. Already it’s over and people are outraged and blah blah blah. All of you are right that they guys are the real “heroes” and shame on Larry and crew to dump them. Maybe they’ll be on another time. I’m hopeful! I just watched the “Behind the Scenes” show, that film crew is just amazing, innovative and brave!
    You gotta love them for their work!

  9. Rob George says:

    Yeh everything fell apart with the senator rambling. They flew Phil in for the show and everything…

    Hopefully something in the future will turn around and we can get the guys back on there…

    BTW we are going to have some AWESOME new shirts made for the guys.. I think everyone will be happy and will be up and running soon with merchandise/behind the scenes photo’s and info on the guys..

    Thanks to all of you making this possible for these guys. They never stop talking about the appreciation they have for all of this.

  10. Cris says:

    You Crabbroker people ROCK !!!! I just can’t say that enough !! You’re the ones that make it possible for us to have a chance to meet the Boys and share the experience with the fans that are too far to make it .

  11. Eric says:

    Talked to Johnathon today, and he said they called him in the limo on the way to the studio to cxl. He said if he had known that all it took to get 30 min on Larry King was touching someones foot, he would have rubbed my thigh on the airboat and we could have gotten the whole hour show!They are planning on 2 weeks from yesterday for the interview. We’ll stay tuned, and keep everyone posted when we know more

  12. opilia says:

    Thanks Eric, Rob, everybody…We could have easily just READ about the senator and his shenannigans…Sheez!

  13. Colleen says:

    Eric you are a hoot!! Hey Johnathan put his arm around me and signed his card that “I was his favorite catch” Would that have counted for 15 min on LK? (bet he signed that for all the girls). Anyway, I emailed CNN my disappointment in their choice of guests. How it was painful to listen to that sleezy, opportunistic Mark Gerogos, etc… It sure is telling how popular these people are. So spoiled sports stars, flakey movie starlettes better watch out… Our new heros are the everyday people. And my thanks to ALL the volunteers that made this such a fun & successful event 🙂 You’re all heros too.

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