Lobster Wars Premiere is Tonight!

These are the boats and crews of Discovery’s Lobster Wars.  Check out the Discovery Lobster Wars fansite for info on the lobster grounds and crew photos… 

DRAGON LADY “The Rebels”

Home Port: Point Judith, R.I.

After fishing in unknown waters last year and losing nearly $40,000 worth of gear to draggers, the Dragon Lady continues to push its way into others’ precious lobster territory, ticking off plenty of veteran captains. On board, there’s one experienced deckboss in charge of two young guys, so each trip is filled with unknown profits, inefficiency and personal struggle. But Capt. Scott Christopher and his crew relentlessly hunt down the Atlantic gold 200 miles out at sea on Georges Bank in the hopes of becoming a highliner in the lobster fleet.

TIMOTHY MICHAEL “Skid Row of the Fleet”

Home Port: Newport, R.I.

As its crew proudly states, “this is where fishermen go when they’ve been bad.” It’s the last chance for many crew members, and the boat itself is consistent with its reputation. Inside, the boat is in total disarray, the instruments are covered in rust, and there’s a layer of filth from the wheelhouse to the bunkroom … but “she’s still plenty seaworthy.” The Timothy Michael fishes the northern edge of Georges Bank where they take a bigger risk for a bigger reward, where they’re likely to cross the line in the highly territorial waters, and where boats have been known to ice up in the frigid Gulf of Maine. Surprisingly, beyond their rough exterior, they’re all fishermen. Skipper Mike Palombo and his three deckhands pride themselves in hunting down lobster by moving around a lot of gear, instead of just turning lots of traps.

WILLIAM BOWE “Old Guys & Young Guns”

Home Port: Hyannis & Boston, Mass.

Boat owner Bro Cote is known for pushing his veteran skipper Keith Sultzbach out to fish even when the Georges Bank waves are boiling, while 20-year veteran deckboss “Flounder” demands his deck be run tightly in all weather conditions. However, the tides are changing not only in the waters but on board as well. This boat is a highliner and their catch is always huge, but two new young kids on the crew have been fishing less than two years. They have plenty to learn, and plenty of mistakes to be made while fishing the waters at Georges Bank. Everyone on board is hardworking, but it’s a constant battle to keep things running smoothly, and safely, while turning rookies into fishermen.


Home Port: Fairhaven, Mass.

Still simmering from incidents in previous seasons, owner and part-time captain Grant Moore continues to run into territory problems with his main adversary, Scott Christopher of the Dragon Lady. Each crew member feels so strongly territorial about their fishing grounds that the boat should be named “One Direction.”They work hard, this is their life, and these old salts (only one is under 40) know if they give up their sweet spot, there is no second career waiting for them on the beach. With families at home to feed, the idea of territorialism isn’t something just the captain worries about.

RACHEL LEAH “Young, Cool and Making Money”

Home Port: Hyannis, Mass.

The Rachel Leah is a moneymaker, and the guys love being on it. They’re a young, fun, cool group of fishermen that have scored big being on a boat that’s claimed a big territory at Georges Bank. Not one of these guys would do anything other than fish lobster, and they’ve become a family on the boat. They joke with each other, and make money while doing it. A legend in the lobstering industry, owner Peter Brown’s father owned the Andrea Gail,the tragically famous boat lost in the “Perfect Storm” of 1991. Brown’s brother-in-law John Thomas (married to the original Andrea Gail) is the skipper and the crew takes great pride in their history.

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