For Die Hard Fans: Video on History of king crab fishing in the Bering Sea

Prior to Deadliest Catch, America’s Deadliest Season, and Deadliest Jobs, films made about King crab fishing in the Bering sea were few and far between.  One of those few has been posted on Youtube.  It offers plenty of king crab history but without most of the excitement of Deadliest Catch. The following 3 video clips add up to approximately 27 minutes of viewing of a film called “Pots of Gold”.  Have you ever wondered just how those crab pots came about?  Ever wonder when king crab fishing officially started?  Would you be surprised to learn that japanese fishermen navigated the dangerous Bering sea and hauled in huge harvests of king crab long before american fishermen got in on the action?  It’s all here in these video clips.  Just set aside a little time and enjoy….

“If you were lucky, like I was you found your destiny. If you were unlucky you found your fate.” That’s how one veteran fisherman described the remarkable Alaska king crab fishery that made millionaires out of men who had no particular qualifications other than a willingness to work ’round the clock whenever they were on the crab, and to risk their lives in one of the most dangerous occupations on earth. See first-hand the efforts of the original pioneers who explored the Bering Sea…the boom era when fortunes were made and boats and shore plants paid off within a single season… and the crash that killed the golden crab. For all those who fish, or simply love adventure.”

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