Coming up next: Lobster Wars!

 Coming up this Thursday, Aug. 23rd: Lobster Wars
 (From OriginalProductions) “200 miles off the coast of New England, in the turbulent waters of the North Atlantic, a battle is being waged over lobster. As lobstermen set out from historic fishing towns like Gloucester, MA and Point Judith, RI, they continue a tradition that pre-dates the Pilgrims. These fifth generation lobstermen ply the same waters of their fathers, but increasingly scarce beds have created vicious Lobster turf wars -costing fortunes in ruined gear and lost opportunity”

Lobster fishing boats we’ll all be watching for the first full-fledged season of Lobster Wars are:  Dragon Lady, The Timothy Michael, The William Bowe, Rachel Leah, and The Direction.

Aug. 23rd, 9:00pm eastern:   Lobster WarsThe Battle Begins (episode 1)
It’s winter in New England and the offshore lobster fishing fleet is preparing for another week on the high seas. Five boats steel themselves for the coming battle against the elements, and the other boats surrounding them on this crowded ocean.

Aug. 30th, 9:00m eastern:  Lobster WarsPounded By the Storm (episode 2)  A deadly storm screams toward the lobster fleet. The crew of the William Bowe is slowed by bad weather and their numbers are down. While the Rachel Leah loses a trawl to a huge snarl, the Timothy Michael steams 140 miles north, right into the storm.

Sept. 6th, 9:00pm eastern:  Lobster WarsCheating Death and Cashing In (episode 3)  After three days of ocean storms, the coast guard is called to rescue a seasick cameraman on the Direction. The Dragon Lady is still fighting its way into Georges Bank, while the Timothy Michael hits a snarl that almost sends two crewmembers overboard.

Sept.13th, 9:00pm eastern:  Lobster Wars–Back To the Battleground (episode 4)  Miles out at sea, the Timothy Michael steams through the rough waters of George’s Bank on her way back to shore. Most of the fleet is home between trips and the crews are making the most of it. Captains and deckhands spend time with their families.

Sept. 20th, 9:00pm eastern:  Lobster WarsFighting Fatigue (episode 5)  Territory seems more important than ever as the Rachel Leah finds herself near shipping lanes. But that territory is not always as fertile as one might hope, as numbers continue to be down for the William Bowe, the Rachel Leah, and the Direction.

Sept. 27th, 9:00pm.  Lobster Wars–The Final Push (episode 6)  Racing to make their last days of the year really count, the Timothy Michael’s troubles abound; their trawls are barren and the crew regrets making the trip at all. Numbers on the high-liners are down also; except for the Direction, which leads the pack.

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4 Responses to Coming up next: Lobster Wars!

  1. Meghan Hause says:

    I hope that this new series is going to commented Deadliest Catch, but I got funny feelings that it is going to anger a few in Deadliest Catch.

  2. Carly says:

    Give the new show a chance. I know for a fact that there is alot more to be seen form the WB and Direction Boats. I think its great to be able to see what local fishermen are all about. Don’t forget without excellent captains running some of these boats, there wouldn’t be much of an interest.

  3. Allen says:

    Give it a shot. Check any Georges Bank NWS forecast each week from like Dec 1 to April 1 and its always 15 ft, blowin 35, up to 20 ft +…I run by Boston fish pier all the time and in Feb you can see the draggers, 70 footers like the America totally covered with ice…GB to the Bering Sea is K2 to Everest

  4. William Bowe says:

    Given my name I’m curious to learn how a boat was named the William Bowe

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