Sig Hansen attended Seafair

Sig Hansen could have been spotted at Seafair this last weekend which is apparently one of his traditional summer events to attend.  Soon he’ll be preparing for the Bering sea’s king crab season this coming October.  The F/V Northwestern and crew are currently in Alaska continuing with their summer tendering and fishing.  Jim Riley of the Seattle Times reports on Seafair… 

One of the biggest celebrities at Seafair was captain Sig Hansen, star of the reality television show “The Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel.

Hansen grew up in Seattle, graduating from Shorewood High in 1984. His show has been nominated for four Emmy awards, and Hansen has agreed to have the cameras aboard his crab boat that fishes in the dangerous Bering Sea for one more season.

“Years ago we used to bring the crab boat out here to hang out,” Hansen said. “I’m 41 and I’ve been to Seafair every year except when I was in Alaska.”

Hansen chuckled when asked whether his job as captain of the “Northwestern” was more dangerous than the drivers of the unlimited hydroplanes.

“Let me put it this way,” Hansen said. “I wouldn’t want their jobs.”

Hansen is still surprised by the celebrity he has gained from the TV show and admitted it wasn’t easy for him to make his way through the pits at Seafair.

“I get recognized more and more, and it’s really kind of hard to deal with,” Hansen said. “It’s flattering, but it’s hard when you get stopped all the time. It’s really bizarre when someone goes ‘Hey, Sig’ and I don’t even know them.”

Hansen said filming will begin again in October, and the shows will air beginning in April. He has a ready answer when asked to explain the show’s immense popularity.

“We’re real,” Hansen said. “We’re there to fish and do our jobs, not to impress anybody. We just don’t care.”   source

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3 Responses to Sig Hansen attended Seafair

  1. Jeanette Winn says:

    i think your show is out of this world may god continue to protect you.

  2. Jeanette Winn says:

    please don’t stop the camera crew from filming the show there are a lot of people who look forward to your show on tuesday night i know iam one of them.

  3. Julie Heifner says:

    Please dont let this be the last season on the boat we look forward to Tuesday nights with “Sig” and the crew! Deadliest Catch is by far one of the best shows on TV.

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