Another photo exhibit for Corey Arnold

From Deadliest Catch, season 2, Corey Arnold of the F/V Rollo has another photo exhibit taking place this week. His images are often mesmerizing with their contrasts between light and dark. He currently is showing a series of photos titled “Arcticness” on the online gallery of the Humble Arts Foundation.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Corey Arnold is both commerical fisherman and artist photographer. His plans this fall are to fish King crab in the Bering sea aboard the F/V Rollo where he will no doubt catch crab, take more pictures, do cartwheels on deck, and create memorable memories for both himself and crew. You can learn and see plenty more of Corey’s work on his own website. (Photos all courtesy of Corey Arnold)

The Humble Arts website has a very interesting interview of Corey. You can learn much about him there.

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5 Responses to Another photo exhibit for Corey Arnold

  1. The Northwestern Rocks………

  2. jenleeland says:

    Awesome pics!!! *off to check out Corey’s website*

  3. WOW!!! That website is terrific!!!!

  4. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    What else can I say, he’s fantastic!

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