The success of Deadliest Catch inspires another show

Original Productions which produces Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, the upcoming Lobster wars has got another reality docu-drama project just in the works and is holding casting calls this very week!  Sooner or later we’ll be watching a show called “Timber Country.”  Sounds pretty interesting so far, but can it stand up to the ultimate show about living on the edge–Deadliest Catch?  So the question to you is, are you a logger and would you like to be featured on tv?

The show is  set to be an 8-10 part series. Original Production producers have already set up times and locations for interviews.  Invited to meet with them are logging crew, logging truck drivers, mill workers, and logging barge operators.

It certainly sounds like they’re looking for a variety of workers, including but not limited to logging “greenhorns”–yes, the logging industry calls them greenhorns as well.

The Daily News out of Longview, Wa. reports on a press release from Original Productions…“To tell the story right, we’re looking for both seasoned veterans who’ve seen it all and have the scars to prove it and the cocky, young choker setters and whistle punks who think they know it all. When viewers experience a greenhorn’s first day, they’ll see just how hard it can be trying to make a living in the woods,” said the press release, issued Monday.The show will focus on Oregon and Washington to see how far the industry has come from the old lumberjack days. The audience will learn that sustainable forestry supplies the country’s timber needs while taking care to preserve forest.With “Timber Country,” the press release said, Original Productions is continuing its exploration of “the world of high stakes, hard work and adventure — and the rugged Americans who make their livings working on the edge.”source

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