Pics of F/V Northwestern Crew at work…

The Discovery website–which strives to be as interactive as possible these days–has a “Photo of the Week” section dedicated to Deadliest Catch images.  For each image,  readers and fans are encouraged to create a caption and eventually those “captions” are put up to vote so that a favorite one may be chosen.  The pictures below are a few Northwestern crew Photos of the week displayed there. (All images are courtesy of Discovery) 

Northwestern crew “on the crab

Edgar Hansen

Capt. Sig Hansen

Greenhorn Jake Andersen

Deckhand Matt Bradley

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3 Responses to Pics of F/V Northwestern Crew at work…

  1. Samra says:

    Love Jake! He’s awesome at what he’s doing and how he does it… (Crab Fishing that is)

  2. Kiel says:

    Jake Anderson is the Man!!!
    Go Jake Go. Keep it up!

  3. Robert Kane says:

    I am looking for a picture of the Northwestern crashing through a wave that was in the begining of each show. She breaks through the wave with lots of spray off of the flared bow. Where can I find this?

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