New Mini series, Tuna Wrangers

That’s right.  Lobster Wars will begin airing towards the end of August (more on that later), but for now, what seems to be on our plate is a 2-part mini-series produced and filmed by Fox’s New Zealand based production company NHNZ (One note, the NHNZ reads as though there are 6 episodes, yet Discovery shows only 2 as of now).  The 2-part program sounds as though it was filmed a-la-Deadliest Catch style, so big shoes to fill.  4 underwater camera specialists were utilized for the filming, and there’s a secret scoop to be had here…During the airing of Deadliest Catch season 3, fans seemed to instantly flood the internet with searches of artists and track titles, trying to find out who sang all the catchy tunes on recently aired episodes.  No need to do so with Tuna Wranglers.

     Kev Lymn actually gives us the scoop on his myspace…”In July 2007 compositions by Kev and The Pragmatics were featured on Discovery Channel Documentary ‘Tuna Wranglers’. This music is available on line at itunes or”  There’s definitely an “aussie” sound to it that may actually increase your curiosity about the upcoming Tuna Wranglers. 

The Discovery Tuna Wranglers mini-series description reads:  Hundreds of miles offshore, a crew of brave men battle the elements and predators for the ultimate catch that could be worth millions of dollars.

Airtimes are  August 9th and 16th at 10pm eastern. (there will be repeat airings

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4 Responses to New Mini series, Tuna Wrangers

  1. joe says:

    how can i get a copy of the tuna wranglers mini series in DVD

  2. opilia says:


    I dont see where Discovery has made them available yet. Try to keep on eye out for repeats on tv. If I hear of Discovery showing them again, I’ll announce it and then maybe you could have someone record the shows?

  3. joe says:

    I’ll be on the lookout for it. Thank you

  4. Ellen says:

    When will tuna wranglers be on again ? Does anyone know ?

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