Photos of Deadliest Catch Skippers & Deckhands at the Ballard Seafood Fest

It appeared to be beautiful weather in Ballard, Washington this weekend for the Ballard Seafood Festival that has been an annual event since 1974.  It was however, very deadly out as many of the featured Deadliest Catch captains and a few deckhands were on the scene signing autographs and posing with multitudes of fans.  Attending were Sig Hansen, Larry and Kenny Hendricks, Phil and Josh and Jake Harris, and Greg and Ragnhild Moncrief.

Prepared for anything as usual, Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern sits with a line up of–count them–not one or two, but five sharpies, ready to get down to the business of signing shirts! Photo courtesy of Deadliest Catch fan, Mel.

Larry Hendricks of the Sea Star and Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie also keep themselves busy signing shirts for fans.  Larry Hendricks just arrived in Seattle by way of the Sea Star.  She had been docked in Ketchikan, Alaska since being refurbished to give tours but the Sea Star is now officially in the lower 48!  Lucky west-coast fans may get the opportunity to see her while she’s around.  Photo courtesy of Mel

Recently returned from Salmon Tendering in the Bristol Bay area, Ragnhild Moncrief is all smiles on stage during the introduction of Deadliest Catch celebs. Photo courtesy of Ann

Josh and Jake Harris of the F/V Cornelia Marie pose with fans and seem to have taken to their celebrity status as easily as crab fishing.  Thanks Mel

The head of the Harris clan, Capt. Phil of the F/V Cornelia Marie, looks trim and fit this summer.  Mel, you sure take good photos

Sig, Phil, Ragnhild, Greg, and Larry all lined up on stage during the meet and greet, question and answer session.  Photo courtesy of Carrie Hollingshead.

Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern, during their autograph session. Quite a satisfactory day for Deadliest Catch fans…

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8 Responses to Photos of Deadliest Catch Skippers & Deckhands at the Ballard Seafood Fest

  1. AWESOME pictures!!!!!! Man I wish I’d been there. I’d love to have seen Phil.
    Nice bike too!

  2. Randy Nash says:

    Sig’s the man when it comes to being the Captain, the crew seem to respect him more than the crews of the other boats.

  3. Andrea says:

    that must have been soooo awesome, i wish i was there to meet the Captains and especially to get a picture with Jake Harris!!!!

  4. Rita Allen says:

    Growing up in Ballard …it was especially nice to see the Seafood fest pictures…. my father was a salmon fisherman…had a small boat out of Ray’s Boat House…could stand in our backyard and tell if fishing was good..My sister and I reall;y love the show….I hope a new season starts soon!!!!

  5. Phil Harris your my favorite captain I love your son JAKE!!! I LOVE THE CORNELIA MARIE!! I LOVE DEADLIEST CATCH!!!

  6. Lee in Oceanside says:

    Short of the explatives that get bleeped out of the shows these guys are heroes. It shows what hard work is capable of making for you. I take my hat off to all of them from Jake to Sig. You are my new heroes.

  7. Sabrina says:

    OMG I’M IN LOVE WITH THE CORNELIA MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jake is my favorite!!!! Oh i’m in love! Ahhaa.

  8. emilie says:

    je suis folle de l’equipage du cormélia mrie,nordwesterne,time bandit et le farwetlider

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