Ballard Seafood Fest this weekend plus more!

Ballard SeafoodFest

 The motto is “Feed YOUR Inner Viking!” and much of this festival’s eats and activities really are only fit for a Viking’s iron-clad constitution. If your idea of a perfect weekend is winning a lutefisk eating contest while listening to the “mosh pit polka” stylings of Brave Combo—then this fest (the 33rd annual) is for you. Join in the Slotky Memorial Couture Coverall Contest before moseying over to watch the Nordiska Dancers. For those not of the Norse persuasion, there will be more palatable fare, such as alder-smoked salmon barbeque, a watermelon-eating contest, and beer and wine gardens. A special appearance by the bad boys of fishing, Ballard’s own “Kings of Crabs” from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, will tell tales of the rough seas and sign souvenirs. But fear not, ye wenches and pillagers with wee ones in tow: there will be toy boat building and puppet shows for little Hagar and Helga. Fun abounds for everyone in your longship! Downtown Ballard.


All day and night on Discovery, Saturday July 28th!

Could be the last one for a while!

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