2006 Seafood Consumption Up A Little

Fish, chicken or beef?

The National Fisheries Institute has released its Top 10 list of fish and shellfish Americans ate most in 2006.

Overall seafood consumption averaged 16.5 pounds per person, up from 16.2 pounds in 2005.

As usual, shrimp was the top choice by far at 4.4 pounds per person. Salmon maintained its No. 3 position at more than 2 pounds.

Maybe these totals sound like a lot – or a little.

For perspective, The Highliner looked into consumption of other proteins. According to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, consumers last year averaged 65.8 pounds of beef, 49.4 pounds of pork, 16.9 pounds of turkey and a whopping 87.6 pounds of chicken.

OK, here’s the full Top 10 fish list for last year, followed by the 2005 list.

2006 (U.S. per capita consumption in pounds)
Shrimp 4.4
Canned tuna 2.9
Salmon 2.0
Pollock 1.6
Tilapia 1.0
Catfish 1.0
Crab 0.7
Cod 0.5
Clams 0.4
Scallops 0.3 


Shrimp 4.1
Canned tuna 3.1
Salmon 2.4
Pollock 1.5
Catfish 1.0
Tilapia 0.9
Crab 0.6
Cod 0.6
Clams 0.4
Flatfish 0.4


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