More on Ragnhild Moncrief of the F/V Far West Leader

Women of Deadliest Catch have busy schedules too.  Currently still in Alaska tendering   salmon with family members and crew, Ragnhild Moncrief will return later this week and make an appearance in Snohomish, WA… 

Snohomish TOP Food & Drug has undergone a major remodel and celebrates with a grand opening beginning at 6 a.m. Wednesday at 1301 Ave. D, Snohomish. New departments have been added and the number of employees has increased from 112 to 203. Free cake, coffee, balloons and carnations will be offered through the week. In addition, Ragnhild Moncrief, the only woman featured on the Discovery Channel’s popular “Deadliest Catch” series, will talk about her adventures on a crabbing boat in the dangerous Bering Sea from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday at the store.


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4 Responses to More on Ragnhild Moncrief of the F/V Far West Leader

  1. Meghan Hause says:

    That great that Ragnhild is using her new found fame, but I see a big error in the article, with the fact that Ragnhild is only woman that has been featured. That a big mistake, because what about Donna and Nicole?

  2. opilia says:

    You’re right. Ragnhild mentioned in an email that they’re facts weren’t exactly correct, however maybe they simply meant she’s the only woman who was featured in season 3…

  3. Mystic says:

    Opilia~ Have you heard anything about Ragnhild’s possible return for season IV?

  4. opilia says:

    No, I havent, but what I heard is that Discovery/Original Productions sometimes doesn’t present their “season” contracts until the last minute. Maybe this next season will be different…that I dont know.

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