Deadliest Catch Marathon and the start of Lobster Wars coming up

The last advertised Deadliest Catch marathon of season 3 on the Discovery schedule is on Saturday, July 28th!


 Coming up soon (Also filmed by Original Productions) Lobster Wars
200 miles off the coast of New England, in the turbulent waters of the North Atlantic, a battle is being waged over lobster. As lobstermen set out from historic fishing towns like Gloucester, MA and Point Judith, RI, they continue a tradition that pre-dates the Pilgrims. These fifth generation lobstermen ply the same waters of their fathers, but increasingly scarce beds have created vicious Lobster turf wars -costing fortunes in ruined gear and lost opportunity

Aug. 23rd, 9:00pm eastern:   Lobster WarsThe Battle Begins (episode 1)
It’s winter in New England and the offshore lobster fishing fleet is preparing for another week on the high seas. Five boats steel themselves for the coming battle against the elements, and the other boats surrounding them on this crowded ocean.

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One Response to Deadliest Catch Marathon and the start of Lobster Wars coming up

  1. Meghan Hause says:

    I am looking forward to Lobster Wars, but the best way to described my approach to it is guarded. I am hopping that they themed the series different than Deadliest Catch, much how the Law & Order and the CSI series are doing, which is the reason why they are still around.

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