Youtube Tribute to Blake Painter of the F/V Maverick

 Blake Painter, skipper of the F/V Maverick, was sorely missed by many of his fans–especially the fan who posted this particular tribute– during the Opilio season of Deadliest Catch, season 3, as were Rick and Donna Quashnick.  Hopefully we’ll being seeing more of the mighty Mav and crew in season 4.  Til then, enjoy the video!

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8 Responses to Youtube Tribute to Blake Painter of the F/V Maverick

  1. Deanna says:

    Great job on this movie! I know the person who created it – HUGE Blake fan LOL 🙂

  2. Squee girl says:

    This movie is awesome! The fan that did this is such a great person, Blake’s #1 fan!

  3. Squee girl - SeaScallop says:

    Yeah girl!!!! You rock, everyone should have a great a fan as you!!!

  4. Fellow Squee Chick says:

    Dude love that video! The chick who made it is totally awesome!!!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!

  5. Squee Club 4 life says:

    Let me just say well done girl! You are such a sweetheart! You are indeed #1!!! I think it would be so great if Blake himself sent you a little thank you for all the support you’ve always given him and the hard work on this slide show!

  6. Squee Sister Sara says:

    Loved the slideshow!!! Thanks to Blake’s #1 fan for making it!

  7. scottie says:

    Great slide show. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. Abby says:

    Thanks for the slide show!!!Blake is def the best, and it doesn’t hurt that he is GORGEOUS!!!! 🙂

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